IBM Public Sector Talks #7: Enhancing the student experience with analytics

IBM Public Sector Talks #7: Enhancing the student experience with analytics


This week on Public Sector Talks, we chat about personalized education, utilizing big data to enhance the student experience and the future of education with analytics.

Top questions for our guest

  1. How do you see data and analytics changing the face of education, especially in the area of personalized learning?
  2. Higher education institutions collect an enormous amount of data. How effectively is that data being used to build curriculum and an exceptional student experience?
  3. Retention is a big concern today, with estimates between 1 in 5 and 1 in 4 college students dropping out. How do you see that trend being impacted by data? Are we collecting data for data's sake and not aligning it to the student?
  4. Studies show that kids go to college to be able to graduate and get a job, yet a big concern of employers is the preparedness of graduates when they enter the workforce. How are data and analytics being applied to the needs of both students and employers to understand what employers need?
  5. How do you see data and analytics reshaping education in the future? 

This week's guest


"These three mechanics can be captured about attendance of students, behavior of a student as well as coursework, which includes their curriculum, lesson plans and everything else. I believe that in itself is a great starting point to develop an early warning system."

Nitesh Chawla is a University of Notre Dame, Frank Freimann Collegiate Chair of Engineering Professor and founder of Aunalytics. He is also considered a big data expert.

This week's host

Robert Dolan, Jr. is the worldwide Industry Solutions leader for IBM Analytics, supporting the Government and Education sectors.

Read Rob's three-part series on building exceptional student experiences and reducing attrition in higher education with analytics.


An analytics-driven approach can help colleges and universities create an outstanding student experience. To see and learn how, visit us at IBM booth #1734 at EDUCAUSE 2015, education sessions at IBM Insight 2015 and our new IBM Analytics for Education solutions page.