InsightOut: Implementing multispeed IT

InsightOut: Implementing multispeed IT


In this podcast, the first installment of the IBM Analytics InsightOut series of thought-leadership perspectives, Tim Vincent, IBM Fellow and VP, CTO for Information & Analytics Group speaks on the topic of multispeed information technology. He offers his insights in response to the following questions:

  • What are the principal challenges facing today's knowledge workers?
  • How can so-called “multispeed IT” make knowledge workers more productive and effective?
  • How can organizations implement multispeed IT rapidly and cost-effectively while fully leveraging their investments in skills, platforms, analytics and data?
  • How will the role of traditional IT groups evolve to facilitate multispeed IT in their companies?
  • Can you point to industry success stories implementing multispeed IT?

Be sure to continue exploring the technologies available on the IBM analytics technology platform discussed here and in future installments of this series.