Insights from Insight: How innovation is disrupting the energy industry

Insights from Insight: How innovation is disrupting the energy industry


For the “Insights from Insight” podcast miniseries, recorded live from IBM Insight 2015 in Las Vegas, we sat down with industry experts to discuss their impressions of the conference. In this episode, Jim Harris, speaker and internationally best-selling author of Blindsided and The Learning Paradox, explains to us how the insight economy is transforming the ways we use energy.

Disruption begins at home

As Jim describes it, advancements in renewable energy technology and analytics have already provided energy conservation solutions that can help address both climate change and cultural barriers to doing away with energy inefficiency. He also shared simple ideas for how listeners can conserve energy in their own homes.

In this discussion, Jim describes the incredible potential of the IBM and The Weather Company partnership, as well as the work already under way thanks to that partnership. He continues by talking about how analytics is driving disruptive innovation in a wide range of industries, including renewable energy, travel and transport, and retail, and then shares his understanding of how big data analytics is shaping lives on a global scale—starting at the individual level. To wrap up, Jim looks to the future, imagining how the cognitive era will transform our planet.

Hear more from Jim in his Insight 2015 theCUBE interview, then continue the conversation by connecting with him on Twitter @JimHarris. To learn more about IBM’s acquisition of The Weather Company, check out this replay of the IBM Insight day 3 general session, which focuses on how you can make your mark and disrupt your marketplace.

Turn on the power with analytics

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