Insights from Insight: Media, weather data and open source in the cognitive era

Insights from Insight: Media, weather data and open source in the cognitive era


In this episode of the “Insights from Insight” podcast miniseries, recorded live from IBM Insight 2015 in Las Vegas, we sat down with Timothy Moran, the East Coast Sales Director at ZypMedia. Tim dives into a huge variety of topics covering everything from media and entertainment to healthcare and hover boards.

We discuss the exciting news about IBM’s acquisition of the Weather Company and the numerous applications for weather data in advertising, media, retail and beyond. Tim describes the incredibly meaningful insights we’ve gained in recent years in the media and entertainment industry and how that’s helping companies deliver extremely valuable content to their audiences. He goes on the illustrate how the insight economy and IBM’s commitment to the cognitive era in will continue to drive tremendous value across industries.

Tim also shares his views on the democratization of data and explains why he’s a proponent of the open source movement. We also share our excitement over the fact that the Watson platform now offers the largest and most diverse set of cognitive APIs through IBM Bluemix.

Tim believes innovations in areas of healthcare, like cancer research, and liable and accessible medical testing will have unimaginable impacts on the world as we know it. He discusses how IBM’s Watson Health is contributing to the mission of a healthier future. Turns out he’s also a huge Back to the Future fan and is very concerned with how we will treat hover board injuries in the future.

Connect with our guest Tim Moran on Twitter @TimothyMoran, and learn more about his work at ZypMedia. You can also check out his IBMGO interview with Nick DiMeo to hear more from Tim. Share in the excitement of the announcement of IBM’s acquisition of The Weather Company in this replay of the IBM Insight day 3 general session, which focuses on how you can make your mark and disrupt your marketplace.

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