Insights from Insight: Weathering the storm in the cognitive era

Insights from Insight: Weathering the storm in the cognitive era


In this episode of the “Insights from Insight” podcast miniseries, recorded live from IBM Insight 2015 in Las Vegas, we sit down with Nick DiMeo, a new media broadcaster who hosts the F5 Live: Refreshing Technology livecast and the IBMGO live interview series. As we discuss IBM’s acquisition of the Weather Company and the boundless applications of weather data, listen to Nick describe the profound effects this partnership could have for industries that include retail, consumer products and advertising.

We also take some time to chat about why the weather itself plays such a significant role in shaping all of our lives, sharing a few laughs about Florida’s crazy weather patterns. Tune in to share in the excitement about IBM’s acquisition of The Weather Company in this replay of the IBM Insight 2015 general session for day 3.

Behind the scenes of IBMGO

In Nick’s role as host of the IBMGO live interview series, he came away from the interviews with one overarching theme: The future is now. For years, people have talked about what the insight economy will make possible, but now it’s more than talk: Possibilities that once could be only imagined have begun coming to life. Accordingly, in this podcast, we discuss the incredible power that can be unleashed by unlocking the vast stores of unstructured data available in the insight economy. We also sneak a peek behind the scenes of IBMGO as Nick describes some of his favorite interview moments, including his discussions with Tim Moran of ZypMedia (@TimothyMoran) and Carol Spieckerman of newmarketbuilders.com (@retailxpert).

Entertaining insights

Media and entertainment companies across the globe are uncovering business insights that enable them to heighten production, enhance cross-channel distribution and drive value creation, all while building intelligent operations that allow them to cut their costs and boost their agility. Using IBM Behavior Based Audience Insight for Media and Entertainment, for example, television broadcast networks can enhance their program content in the rapidly changing insight economy while offering a sustainable consumer experience. Indeed, thanks to the power of advanced analytics, businesses can personalize the viewer experience while predicting customer behavior, allowing them to heighten their viewer market share—and revenues along with it.

The IBM-launched Sports and Entertainment Global Consortium and Sports, Entertainment and Fan Experience consulting practice aim to modernize the venues and sports experiences of the future by designing and delivering the ultimate fan experience. The consortium offers integrated capabilities that span design, strategy, technology and data, with an eye to driving growth and boosting profits in the sports enterprise business. Join the movement today, and revolutionize your fan experience with IBM Behavior Based Fan Insight for Media and Entertainment.

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