Let's talk Hadoop: Telco and big data—the perfect couple?

Let's talk Hadoop: Telco and big data—the perfect couple?


Welcome to our latest in our podcast series “Let’s talk Hadoop—Open Insight Anywhere.” These podcasts cover the exciting world of big data, and reveal insights into the latest thinking from experts and customers on the fast-moving, quickly changing world of Apache Hadoop, open source and analytics.

In this episode, Andrew Popp, IBM Hadoop Portfolio Marketing Leader, has a discussion with Perry McDonald, IBM Worldwide Analytics Executive, Communications Sector, about the telecommunications industry.

Telcos are among the biggest collectors of data under evolving market, technology and regulatory conditions. Some telcos process millions of phone calls per second, and offer services for web browsing, videos, television, streaming music and movies, text messages and email. This creates a rate of data growth that can be very expensive to store and process. In this podcast, McDonald talks about some of the interesting use cases that are driving innovation and describes how Hadoop plays a critical role in the pursuit of customer intimacy.

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