Making Data Simple: AI and the questions you didn't think to ask

Making Data Simple: AI and the questions you didn't think to ask


In the latest episode of "Making Data Simple," host Al Martin invites Jeff Jonas, CEO, founder and chief scientist at Senzing Inc. to discuss use cases of AI and big data. The discussion ranges from Jeff's personal achievements, his miraculous quadriplegic recovery, his completion of every global Ironman triathlon race, and the birth of his company Senzing Inc. Suit up for what is truly an engaging conversation. 

Show notes

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01:28 - Connect with guest Jeff Jonas on LinkedIn and Twitter.

02:08 - Not sure what the difference between a triathlon and an Ironman triathlon is?

02:28 - Here's how NORA and other security software applications are being employed in Las Vegas.

13:22 - Here's an interesting article about parent/child naming conventions.

16:26 - Check out Jeff's keynote at IBM Think 2018.

18:55 - Check out these 6 other brands with the "try then buy" sales method.

23:30 - Try out Senzing for yourself at senzing.com.

27:41 - Get an inside look at what it's like to live in a hotel, full-time.

31:49 - Need to brush up on Context Computing? Jeff Jonas explains it here.

33:12 - Check out these 10 Ironman triathlon facts.