Making Data Simple: Clicker vs. coder

Making Data Simple: Clicker vs. coder


This week, Dez Blanchfield, Strategist and Data Science Practitioner at Gara Guru, and Bob Hayes, Data Scientist and President of Business Over Broadway, debate the role of Clickers versus Coders in the Data Science industry. Is one role more critical than the other? What skills are required to be a great Clicker or Coder? Learn all this and more in one of our most engaging and entertaining podcasts recorded to date.

Show Notes

00.25 Connect with Al Martin on Twitter and LinkedIn.

00.30 Learn more about IBM THINK and watch replays of the event.

00.35 Connect with Dez Blanchfield on Twitter, LinkedIn and his podcast, Conversations with Dez.

00.40 Connect with Bob Hayes on Twitter and LinkedIn.

01.00 Never hear of the Bare Naked Ladies? Check them out.

06.20 Learn more about IBM Data Science Initiatives and Start your data science education with the Data Science Fundamentals Learning Path.

09.00 Learn more about the GovHack Hackathon.

10.00 Learn more about Galvanize.

11.30 Learn more about Business Over Broadway.

16.50 Learn more about the IBM Z Team and take a look into the newest "Agile" Space at Research Triangle Park.

18.20 Learn more about Data.Gov.

21.00 How do you define Data Scientists?

22.00 Read about What IBM looks for in a Data Scientist by Seth Dobrin and Jean-Francios Puget.

26.00 Learn more about the demographics in China and their method of Data Collection.

26.30 Trusting your data, where do you begin. How can you trust your data without the big picture?

32.00 Learn more about IBM Power 9.

32.40 Learn more about the new IBM Z 14 families.

32.50 Not sure about what software’s to use? Learn about Cassandra, Hadoop and Spark.

43.00 Learn more about Caleb Curry through this Twitter, LinkedIn, his YouTube channel and Website.

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