Making Data Simple: Data in the automotive industry

Making Data Simple: Data in the automotive industry


Host Al Martin, IBM VP of hybrid data management and client success discusses new technology innovations within the automotive industry. Ben Amaba, Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) for Industrial Sector, Watson & Cloud Platform, and David Kevnick, IBM cloud technical sales leader - US Industrial Market bring their expertise to the discussion. The conversation ranges from discussing the emergence of artificially intelligent vehicles, to marketing towards the millennial generation for a vehicle sale.   

Show notes

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04:07 - MIT evaluates machine learning in the automotive industry.

05:39 - Find out more about the Toyota Highlander.

07:47 - Learn more about the Ford Raptor Al drives.

09:13 - How companies like Turo are reshaping the industry.

11:48 - Here are some more collaborations between technology and automotive comapnies.

14:26 - What are the differences between a car today compared to 10 years ago?

17:29 - Here are some of the disruptive trends growing in the automotive industry.

20:05 - Take a look back at the last huge transportation shift.

21:08 - Gain some insight to the fully-autonomous car timeline.

24:26  - See how blockchain technology is changing the automotive world