Making Data Simple: Data Decoded & Making Data Simple

Making Data Simple: Data Decoded & Making Data Simple


Two of the the most popular IBM podcasts collide in this special episode of Making Data Simple. Host Al Martin interviews William McKnight, president at McKnight Consulting Group and host of the Data Decoded podcast. Al and William discuss the pros and cons of big business versus consulting, trends in the data industry, and, of course, what it is like to host a podcast.

Show notes

00:21 Connect with Al Martin on LinkedIn and Twitter.

01:05 Connect with William McKnight on LinkedIn and Twitter.

01.15 Learn more about McKnight Consulting Group.

01.20 What is the difference between a Database and Data Warehousing?

02.25 Want to connect with Daniel Hernandez? Check him out on Twitter and LinkedIn

03.00 Want to listen to Data Decoded? Check out the playlist here.

04:00 New to blockchain technology? Click here to discover the basics.

05.00 Listen to Data Decoded: Facebook  & Data Privacy with guest Richard Hogg

05.15 Listen to Data Decoded: Evolution of Technology with Andy Leonard.

05.50 What's new with Db2

06.20 Do you know about Data architecture? Learn more here on how to get started. 

11.50 What are Telematics?

12.30 How can Artificial Intelligence empower your business

16.45 Learn what is upcoming and new in Informix.

18.40 What is Hybrid Data Management? See Hybrid Data Management in action.

25.40 Read The Elephant in the Brain: Hidden Motives in Everyday Life by Kevin Simler. 

25.55 Read The Future of Humanity: Global Civilization and China's Rejuvenation by Zhouying Jin.

26.00 Listen to Data Decoded: 2068 with guest, Rajeev Saxena and read Pinto has an Idea.

26.45 Check out the Data Driven Podcast.

26.50 Check out CXOTalk podcast.

27.00 Want to listen to the BBBT Podcast? Check it out here.