Making Data Simple: Infusing AI to transform business

Making Data Simple: Data in finance, insurance, and beyond


In episode 37 of the Making Data Simple podcast, Al Martin has a detailed conversation with Avijit Chatterjee, Chief Analytics Officer at IBM Morgan Stanley and Metlife. Together, the two discuss various use cases of AI transforming business processes along with tips for networking and time-management.

Show Notes

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04:33 - Interested more in human-computer interaction?

05:04 - Cognitive solutions are changing business interactions.

06:06 - Working in the financial industry offers great perks.

10:29 - Check out how to engage millennials on social media in 2018.

12:22 - Learn more about AI and I.A. to drive scalable marketing.

14:40 - So, you want to be a data scientist.

16:20 - Learn the vocabulary. What's the difference between AI and Cognitive Computing?

18:25 - How will AI affect the aviation industry?

19:55 - Ready to apply Machine Learning to solve your business problems?

28:56 - Leverage LinkedIn to better prepare for your next client meeting.

29:29 - 10 ways you can exercise with your dog!

31:45 - Eager for more leadership advice?