Making Data Simple: Data Science and Canada Lab

Making Data Simple: Data Science and Canada Lab


On this week's episode of Making Data Simple, we talk about the future of AI, machine learning, and Watson with Steven Astorino, VP of development, hybrid cloud, z Analytics and IBM Canada lab director. Learn how companies are using AI to enhance their data and customer service. You'll also hear about what it takes to lead the largest development lab in Canada. Finally, Al and Steve can't resist exploring how AI and ML may be changing virtual sports.

00:25 - Connect with Al Martin on Twitter and LinkedIn.

01:10 - Connect with Steven Astorino on Twitter and LinkedIn.

01:20 - Listen to Making Data Simple: Latest projects and discoveries from Tanmay Bakshi.

01:45Welcome to the Data Science Experience at IBM.

02:00 - IBM Db2 AI for Z/OS- Improving Application Performance using machine learning

02:30 - Listen to Making Data Simple: Will machines take our jobs?

02:40The new AI innovation equation.

03:20Why robots will not take over human jobs.

04:05 - Read 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari.

05:20Learning and leading in the era of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

05:40What IBM looks for in a data scientist

06:50What clean data means to your business intelligence and analytics

09:00What's new in IBM Unified Governance and Integration?

12:20What do machine learning engineers do?

24:00How IBM Z mainframes fit in the digital age.

24:30 - More information on the IBM Canada Lab.