Making Data Simple: Designing for Analytics with Brian O'Neill

Making Data Simple: Designing for Analytics with Brian O'Neill


This episode of Making Data Simple features Brian O’Neill, product designer for Designing for Analytics. Brian and host Al Martin step back from the deep, technical questions of data science, architecture and governance to look at how principles of design can clarify and accelerate development for analytics products -- whether the end user is internal or external. The conversation ranges from increasing engagement to user research to the need to focus on outcomes over output.

Show notes

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1:55 - Start small with analytics for decision support or subscription information.

3:13 - Need to focus on creating concrete outcomes rather than assets and outputs.

6:48 - Goal for internal analytics products should be to free time for doing important thought leadership.

11:00 - Learning new domains gets faster the more of them you encounter.

13:24 - Creating prototypes is easier and easier, but don’t rush past the design phase.

14:55 - Designing by assumptions vs. Designing by facts.

17:15 - Can’t spend on AI without expecting to spend on the foundation.

17:40 - Let qualitative research inform the first prototype.

21:15 - Choosing a small problem to solve and solving it tells you where you are on the maturity curve.

23:55 - IT has to be integrated with business.

30:09 - The importance of getting from nothing to something.

33:10 - Lightning round: Brian’s work as a musician, favorite company culture, and his wife as a role model.