Making Data Simple: Hit a home run using AI & machine learning

Making Data Simple: Hit a home run using AI & machine learning


How do baseball scouts use machine learning and AI to predict player performance? Ari Kaplan, Principal at Aginity, and David Kearns, Offering Manager, IBM Analytics Ecosystem, join us to talk about the recent merge of H20.ai and IBM. They also discuss how baseball decisions are made using analytics, AI, machine learning, Hadoop, and much more. Discover how the world's best players come together to create winning teams, and how these principles apply off the field in the world of business.

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00.35 Read Moneyball: The Art Of Willing An Unfair Game by Micheal Lewis

00.55 How data science conquered baseball-and why fantasy baseball is next

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01.50 Learn more about Aginity

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04.00 Learn more about Rounders (English Game)

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10.20 First scouting reporting system in baseball- Scoutables

14.30 Learn how to build your AI Ladder

19.00 Learn more about DSX, Data Science Experience at IBM

21.30 Learn more about Watson cognitive assistant

22.10 Learn more about H2O.ai and how IBM and H2O.ai are working together

26.30 Learn more about GAA sports

31.15 Learn more about Ted Williams

33.30 Who needs a Data Scientist?