Making Data Simple: Inside Machine Learning with John J Thomas and Steve Moore

Making Data Simple: Inside Machine Learning with John J Thomas and Steve Moore


On this week's episode, John J Thomas, Distinguished Engineer and Director for IBM Analytics, and Steve Moore, Senior Content Designer and Story Strategist, join us to talk about data science and how your business can best weave the skills of a data scientist into their decisions. Learn how to create seamless customer service experiences and how to help clients set priorities and expectation for upcoming projects. Listen in as Al and Steve ask John the hard questions on how to make your brand data science ready.

Show Notes

00.20 Connect with Al Martin on Twitter and LinkedIn.

00.35  What is Hybrid Data Management and why is it important now?

00.35 Connect with Fatima Sirhindi on Twitter and LinkedIn.

00.40 Connect with Kate Nichols on Twitter and LinkedIn.

00.50 Want to know where "Albert V Martin" came from? Listen to last weeks podcast Making Data Simple: A look into Hybrid Data Management, with guest Daniel Hernandez.

01.25 Connect with John J Thomas on Twitter and LinkedIn.

01.45 Learn more about the Data Science Elite Team.

01.50 What is Deep Learning? Deep Learning as a Service Now in IBM Watson Studio.

01.55 Making Data Simple: Inside Machine Learning with John J Thomas and Steve Moore Connect with Steve Moore on Twitter and LinkedIn.

02.25 Read Master Data Belongs on the Blockchain by Steve Moore.

03.00 Connect with Seth Dobrin on Twitter and LinkedIn.

03.15 Listen to Making Data Simple: What's next in the world of data & analytics with Seth Dobrin Part I.

03.45 Listen to Making Data Simple: Machine Learning for Dummies 

05.45 Learn more about Apache Hadoop and how IBM has used it

06.00 Read Empowering the New Data Developer by Rob Thomas. 

06.35 Read Artificial Intelligence - The Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet by Michael Jordan

07.10 Learn more about Down Syndrome and how IBM is helping Children with Down Syndrome with a fun new tool for learning

07.20 Learn more about Amniocentesis.

08.40 Read Human Aspects of Machine Learning by Julianna DeLua.

09.00 How far away is AI? When Will We Finally Achieve True Artificial Intelligence? 

16.50 Learn more about Return on Investment (ROI) numbers.

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