Making Data Simple: An interview with Ember Crooks

Making Data Simple: An interview with Ember Crooks


In this episode of Making Data Simple, Ember Crooks, Db2 Lead DBA and Delivery Manager at Xtivia, IBM Champion and IBM Gold Consultant, sits down to talk about her experience in the data science field. She shares her industry expertise, career goals, and tips for those looking to venture into the world of data science.

Show Notes:

00:25 Connect with Al Martin on Twitter and LinkedIn.

00:55 Connect with Ember Crooks on LinkedIn, Twitter, and on her blog.

01:06 Learn more on what it takes to become a DBA here.

02:09 Interested in data engineering? Find out more about the role here.

02:46 Click here to get started with the Python programming language.

06:35 Not sure what BLU is? Find out more about how BLU integrates with Db2 here.

08:55 If you ever thought about starting a blog, click here to learn about why it is something you should pursue.

09:05 Check out Ember's blog entry about defining data science.

16:20 Not sure what the IBM Champion program is? Click here to find out more.

26:00 Learn more about IBM's Global Initiative Call for Code.

28:00 Be sure to check out Ember's blog, datageek.blog.