Making Data Simple: Latest projects and discoveries from Tanmay Bakshi

Making Data Simple: Latest projects and discoveries from Tanmay Bakshi


Back by popular demand, Tanmay Bakshi returns to the Making Data Simple podcast to update our listeners on his groundbreaking work applying AI and machine learning to the healthcare industry. From exploring EEG patterns to enable people to communicate without speech to predicting adverse reactions to medication using advanced data techniques, Tanmay shares the latest news from these projects and others. Tanmay also discusses IBM's Call for Code and explores his latest research interests, including open source and Power AI vision. 

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02:50 Learn more about Call for Code

04:10 Watch IBM THINK 2018 replay, Deep Learning to Save Young Lives by Tanmay Bakshi. 

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07:20 Learn more about Watson AI is helping with the Call for Code

12:20 Learn more about IBM Db2.

17:20 Learn more about Suicide prevention in teens and how you can help. 

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32:30 What is blockchain and how can businesses benefit from it?

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38:00  What is Machine Learning and why it matters.

45:40 What is 23andMe?