Making Data Simple: A look into Hybrid Data Management

Making Data Simple: A look into Hybrid Data Management


On this episode of Making Data Simple, we change gears as our "guest" Daniel Hernandez, VP Analytics Offering Management, interviews our regular host, Albert V Martin, VP of Hybrid Platform Development and Client Success. Learn how to create a long-lasting relationship with clients, the difference between good support and excellent support and what the IBM Global Elite program is all about. Al discusses the importance of passion in work and how to make your business decisions based on the needs of your clients. Don't miss this episode, featuring Al in the hot seat!

00.30 Connect with Al Martin on Twitter and LinkedIn.

00.40 Connect with Daniel Hernandez on Twitter and LinkedIn.

01.20 Listen to Making Data Simple: The Big Data Problem with Daniel Hernandez.

01.30 Check out the Making Data Simple Podcast and the Data Decoded Podcast on Analytics Insights.

02.45 Learn more about IBM Informix and Why I Use Informix.

03.10 What is DevOps? Think, Code, Deploy, Run, Manage, Learn.

03.45 Learn what a Cheif Data Officer is by reading The CDO is in the driver’s seat of the new data-driven business by Kirk Borne

04.40 Understand the Customer Journey with IBM Customer Experience Analytics.

06.00 Learn more about IBM’s Global Elite Program.

07.00 Learn more about THINK 2018 and watch replays of the event here.

08.00 Look at an interactive view of what is IBM Hybrid Data Management.

13.00 Learn more about what 5 IoT trends are transforming business in 2018.

14.40 Learn more about the IBM Db2 Event Store.

17.00 Check out new blogs, posts, podcasts and analytics news on IBM Big Data and Analytics Hub.

17.30 Listen to some of Al Martins Favorite podcasts including InvestED, a16z, StarTalk, Up First, Invest like the Best, Conspiracy Theories and Historical Figures.

17.30 Read some of Al Martin's favorite books including Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

18.45 Connect with Fatima Sirhindi on Twitter and LinkedIn.

18.50 Connect with Kate Nichols on Twitter and LinkedIn.

19.25 Learn about E!

19.40 Who is Greg Kinnear? Find out here!

22.50 Learn more about IBM’s approach to open technology by Todd Moore and Chris Ferris.

23.00 Connect with Sam Lightstone on Twitter and LinkedIn.

24.00 Learn more about Apache Hadoop.

25.00 Want to learn more about IBM Db2? Click here.

26.20 What is the game Al loves playing? Disc Golf- learn what it is.

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