Making Data Simple: My career helping to build Db2 with Matt Huras

Making Data Simple: My career helping to build Db2 with Matt Huras


On this special episode, we sit down with one of the Db2 legends, Matt Huras. He's a chief architect for Db2 LUW, an IBM Master Inventor with 54 granted U.S. patents, a prolific public speaker and member of the International Db2 Users Group Hall of Fame. He reflects on retiring from IBM, the key qualities of a good leader, and technological changes he has seen in the industry over the past two and a half decades. What does this expert think is next in the world of Db2 and data? Find out this week on Making Data Simple.

00.25 Connect with Al Martin via Twitter and LinkedIn

00.30 Connect with Matt Huras via Twitter and LinkedIn

00.35 Learn more about IBM Fellows here.

00.40 Connect with Jessica Rockwood on Twitter and LinkedIn

00.50 Learn more about IBM Db2.

03.15 IBM Punched Cards.

03.40 Connect with Tanmay Bakshi on Twitter and LinkedIn and listen to the making Data Simple podcast featuring Tanmay!

04.40 Connect with Fatima Sirhindi via Twitter and LinkedIn

09.15 Db2 25th Anniversary.

10.30 IBM Keyboard Control System 36

16.50 IBM IDUG 2018

22.05 Learn more about Drop Table Recovery Db2.

24.45 Learn about RDBMS vs. ODBMS-unstructured data

24.50 Learn about the SQL vs NoSQL Difference

29.00 Want to know what the Mean World Syndrome is? Learn here.

30.00 Learn to patent with IBM.

32.40 See some of Matt Huras photography

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