Making Data Simple: No more pie charts

Making Data Simple: No more pie charts


This week, Al Martin welcomes Jillian Lellis, senior data analyst at HOLT CAT, to the Making Data Simple podcast. Jill explores the significance of data visualization and the impact of visualizations on decision-making. Learn why visualization tools are increasing in importance as the volume of data we need to do our jobs expands almost indefinitely. Jill shares some examples of visualization in action and her thoughts on what's coming next in this exciting field.

Show Notes

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03:00 Want to know about Texas Tech?

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03:30 What is Data Visualization?

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18:20 Who is Anscombe’s Quartet?

20:50 How do you use Machine Learning for data visualization?

25:50 What are 3 ways to use Data Visualization to create loyal Customers?

28:15 How can you get Trusted Data via AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain?

33:00 What is Socratic Negotiation?

37:30 Listen to Making Data Simple: Decision Optimization and Prescriptive Analytics with Susara van den Heever.