Making Data Simple: Social media and digital communications

Making Data Simple: Social media and digital communications


Are you too late to join the social media game? How can you leverage social media to connect and engage with your clients? This week on Making Data Simple, we talk to our podcast producers Kate Nichols, Manager of Content Experience & Design for IBM Hybrid Data Management, and Fatima Sirhindi, Social Strategy and Communications for IBM Hybrid Data Management, to talk about the importance of a social presence, how to separate personal and professional profiles, and the differences between Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for your business.

Show Notes

00.25 Connect with Al Martin on Twitter and LinkedIn

00.40 Connect with Fatima Sirhindi on Twitter and LinkedIn

00.50 Want to see what McMaster University is all about?

01.00 Connect with Kate Nichols on Twitter and LinkedIn

01.40 Check out Hamilton Ontario

03.00 The Cone business and social media study

04.00 How do you digitally engage your clients? Learn more here.

05.50 How are people using social media today? Learn about how people use their social channels.

06.20 What is a Finsta?

12.30 Learn more about the IBM Data Science Experience

15.22 Have a question? You can ask us on our @AskIBMAnalytics channel on Twitter and Facebook

16.00 Connect with Katie Schieffer on Twitter and LinkedIn

18.30 What are power users/social media influencers

21.20 Learn more about Sprinklr

21.40 How do you check twitter insights?

22.30 Check out Hootsuite for your social media needs

22.55 Check out the McMaster Student Union twitter page.

25.50 Connect with Rob Thomas on Twitter and LinkedIn

25.50 Read Rob Thomas’s most recent blog

25.55 Connect with Dinesh Nirmal on Twitter and LinkedIn

25.55 Read Dinesh’s most recent blog

32.50 Who is Mindy Kaling? Learn about her here.