Making Data Simple: Start-ups with Simon Lightstone

Making Data Simple: Start-ups with Simon Lightstone


Interested in learning what it takes to operate a start-up? On this episode of Making Data Simple, host Al Martin sits down with Simon Lightstone, IBM offering manager, to discuss what it took to get his startup off the ground. Simon offers tips to those facing a similar experience and describes how the decision to pursue a dream ultimately affected his career.

Show Notes

00:24 Connect with Al Martin on LinkedIn and Twitter

00:37 Connect with Simon Lightstone on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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11:38 Is a false sense of urgency hurting your business?

14:05 Find out more about the art of delegating.

18:32 Figure out how to develop a successful marketing strategy for your startup.

27:58 Find out more about different landing page services. This article provides some highlights.

30:49 Here are some other methods you can choose to gain capital for your start-up.

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40:14 Should you hire a designer? This article explores that.

43:42 See this breakdown to figure out the differences between startup culture and the corporate world.