Making Data Simple: Team dynamics and happy meter

Making Data Simple: Team dynamics and happy meter


Whether you are a start-up or a large corporation, you need to engage your team to drive engagement and business results. Katharine Kearnan, senior communication manager, IBM Analytics, and Alexa Youssefian, communications and social media specialist, IBM Analytics, join us this week to discuss team engagement and a new tool IBM has created called Happy Meter.

Show Notes

00.30 Connect with Al Martin on Twitter and LinkedIn.

00.40 Connect with Katharine Kearnan on Twitter and LinkedIn.

00.50 Connect with Alexa Youseffian on Twitter and LinkedIn.

01.30 Thoughts on AI: Can we spot and overcome human bias in AI? 

06.30 Learn more about WATSON Machine Learning

08.50 Learn the 5 Powerful Steps To Improve Employee Engagement

20.22 Learn 10 Strategic Ways to Drive Leads with Social Media.

21.00 Find the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer here. 

32.40 Check out everyone's favourite a16z Podcast.

32.50 Check out the Stuff you missed in History class podcast.

33.00 Secondhand Time: The Last of the Soviets by Svetlana Alexievich. 

34.10 Visit Alexa’s medium