Making Data Simple: Think 2018 preview

Making Data Simple: Think 2018 preview


In this special podcast, our Making Data Simple Podcast host Al Martin is joined by Caleb Curry, data guru for IBM Hybrid Cloud, and Sam Lightstone, IBM fellow of analytics, to talk about their session at the IBM Think 2018 Conference: "Next-Generation Data Management: Power and Simplicity to the Developer."

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00.35 Find out more about the "Next-Generation Data Management: Power and Simplicity to the Developer" session.

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01.00 You can also learn more about software, Db2 and more through Caleb's YouTube channel.

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03.15 Learn more IBM Internet of Things (IoT) and Query Plex

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Al Martin:      Al Martin here, host of the Making Data Simple series. Next week, I will be at the IBM think conference in Vegas, and I am giving a keynote on Wednesday, March 21st from 4:30 to 5:10. I think the session ID is 8106A, so please look me up during the keynote. I will be talking about next-generation data management power and simplicity to the developer, and I am bringing on two of my top podcast guests.

Number one is Caleb Curry who is the resident data group social strategists I call him the developer extraordinaire, he is essentially YouTube sensation for that purpose.

Caleb Curry: Hey, Guys.

Al Martin: I am going to bring yeah, I've got them on the call now that I'll give you a chance to say a few words  but I'm also bringing in Sam Lightstone. He is the analytics fellow. What I plan to do in the keynote is I'm going to talk about why hybrid data management  that's my day to day job outside of this podcast, you know  I'll be talking about challenges and solutions on the ladder to AI. I  know Caleb, he's going to show us how and what this means for the developer, and then Sam is going to get up and astound us with architecture in futures of hybrid data management. So did I get that right, guys? Caleb, did I characterize your role well? 

Caleb Curry: Yeah, that sounds about right. One of the things I want to bring to the session is I just want people to have something tangible  specifically a demo  that they can have something they get from this conference they're able to take home the ideas and the concept behind this demo and apply in their workspace. So I really want someone to get something physical like, something they can, you know, apply to their jobs. So that's what I'm hoping. 

Al Martin: So I always talk about making data simple and accessible. You're gonna come to the conference in you're gonna make this real for the developer, right? That's your challenge.

Caleb Curry : And it's going to be that dedicated to developers, but it's also gonna bring in machine learning. It's going to be really for those who want to utilize data and and a little bit of data science inside of their applications. Overall, I think the demo is a little complex but I will do my best to showcase what is possible in the short period of time that I have. But anyone who knows me knows it takes forever for me to explain anything. 

Al Martin: So if I am the developer and I sit in the audience, what am I gonna walk away from one after I see your demo, bottom line? 

Caleb Curry:  How to integrate all of the hybrid data management platform into data science or a developer application, so how can we apply machine learning algorithms to this data and use that to make customized features and applications?

Al Martin: So you're going to arm the developers as they leave. I like it. Making data centered at like six out of the very valuables in the deep demo that you're gonna do are cool.

Sam, so look, I'm hoping you're gonna get into some IoT some. Maybe some QueryPlex. Something like that. 

Sam Lightstone:   Well, yeah. So first of all, I'm I'm really looking forward to being at the conference with Al and Caleb and, you know, and having a big party. In this event, we're going to talk about first how all this stuff works under the hood, give people a real sense of what the machinery is, what's going on inside the system, and then give a peek into the future with some technology that we've had in research. 

I think everyone's gonna be pretty blown away. Because of that, some very exciting stuff you mention Query Plex, which is our virtualization technology  to give people the ability to query over huge numbers of data sources at once make them all look and feel like a single repository, when in fact it is many different databases and sometimes mixing and matching data sources. If you'd like to do that, we've got a whole bunch of other really cool research under way that we'll be able to talk about and even show some live demos. I’m excited. I hope people are turned out for the show. 

Al Martin: You know what I just interpreted that the same as you just said I'm gonna take all the fluff that I'll just provide and I want to make it real in terms of architecture so somebody can actually walk away with something tangible. is that what you just said? 

Sam Lightstone: I was actually thinking something different. You know, Caleb's gonna giving the cold hard truth and show them what practical steps that would not that they can do and talk about the fluffy future. Maybe that is another way to put it. 

Al Martin: I have seen Query Plex, and if you are listening, if you've not seen Query Plex, it is awesome. I've often said I would see, you know, what we haven't even touched the surface or scratch the server legend saying that. This this this lends itself to being very very big and it takes all the concepts we draw will hybrid data management that will continue to persist then takes it to the edge. 

All right, so thanks, guys, for joining me today. We just wanna be quick. Follow me on Twitter next week to let you know where I am from time to time. I hope I can meet you out the conference if you can't make the conference, you must be tied down someplace. Make sure you get there. If not, maybe we'll try to do a reprise afterwards, but to it some you can't miss, so thank you. 

Caleb Curry: I will also be around the data and cloud campus. If anyone has any questions, you can find me. Either reach out to me on the IBM Db2 Twitter or my personal @CalebCurry.

Al Martin: What about you Sam, how can people get all you? 

Sam Lightstone: The probably really great way is on Twitter or on LinkedIn. Sam Lightstone is my handle for both. They're looking for to see people in person at the conference lobby around all week happening with everyone and in person. Let's meet up to talk about your business and using data.

Al Martin: I guess you know I presume everybody already knows my Twitter handle but it's @amartin_v. So, guys, don't miss it. See you there, Caleb. Sam, It's gonna be awesome. You guys will outshine me of course. See you there.