Making Data Simple: Why content matters

Making Data Simple: Why content matters


Do you view technical content as a strategic part of your business? On this week's episode of "Making Data Simple," we are joined by Julia Montarbo (Bamford), IBM Hybrid Cloud Content Design and Strategy, and Jeff Levitt, IBM Hybrid Cloud Content Strategist. They talk about the strategy behind technical content creation and delivery, and the big impact it has on the customer experience. Learn how and why IBM is changing our approach to this important area of our business.

Show Notes

00.25 Connect with Al Martin on Twitter and LinkedIn

00.30 Connect with Julia Bamford on LinkedIn

00.30 Connect with Jeff Levitt on LinkedIn

01.15 Learn more about the Integrated Analytics System

01.20 Learn more about Db2 Warehousing

01.25 Connect with Kate Nichols on Twitter and LinkedIn

11.10 Learn more about IBM expert advisors

14.00 Learn more about What is Machine Learning

15.00 Learn how to build your ladder to AI using "Machine Learning Everywhere"

24.00 Read Set Phasers on the Sun: And Other True Tales of Design, Technology, and Human Error by S.M. Casey

24.30 Want a good read? Check out books by Robin McKinley

25.00 Learn more about the Headspace app