Transforming potential into action

Transforming potential into action


Today's customers demand that you know them and deal with them as individuals rather than as part of a generic market. This requires new ways of truly understanding and engaging with them, and big data technologies play a key role in this.

Tom Deutsch, program director for big data and advanced analytics at IBM, described two major use cases for big data analytics: one that affects how an organization finds and interacts with customers (or constituents or patients), and one that helps improve operational efficiency. In particular, Tom encouraged us to look at what happens when the wall comes down between how something is made and how something is used? He advised us to use big data and analytics to focus on the outcomes and the improvements you want to make, and not to worry about the technology.

This podcast accompanies an infographic  titled “Big data and analytics: Transforming potential into action,” which can be found at ibmbigdatahub.com/infographics.

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