What will it take to earn and keep your customers' business?

Today's customers expect more from their banks—personalized service, real-time solutions, and the ability to do business when and how it is most convenient for them. To meet these demands, you'll need the ability to deliver more value at every opportunity through more personalized and timely offers and interactions.

Learn how new capabilities, powered by advanced analytics, can help you access and act on deeper and more immediate customer insights to drive greater levels of engagement, satisfaction and retention.

Meet the customers

Show me you know me.

Meet Tom.

The challenge

Tom is tired of getting bank offers that he can't use. Every month he gets a variety of credit card offers and other promotions he's not interested in. He's never signed on for any of them, and he resents all the junk mail. He wants a bank that knows who he is, what he needs and how he wants to interact.

Where do most banks fall short?

Most banks analyze just a fraction of the data available about customers, limiting the banks' ability to market to their customers as individuals.

Consumer confidence: 20 percent
Reality check

Only 20.1 percent of surveyed consumers said that they are very confident that their bank understands their needs and preferences.1

How Tom's bank earned his business

The bottom-line benefits

The new capabilities at work that make this scenario possible

Real stories of success

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Keep up with my changing needs.

Meet Alice.

The challenge

Alice is considering turning her love of cooking into a part-time catering business. To get started, she needs to buy a better stove and a bigger refrigerator. She plans to use her current credit card to buy everything but is concerned about maxing out her limit.

Where do most banks fall short?

Without the ability to analyze and act on data in real or near–real time, banks could be missing out on valuable cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with customers.

72 percent faster response
Reality check

72 percent of surveyed CEOs say they want to improve response time to market needs.2

How Alice's bank provided the right offer at the right time

The bottom-line benefits

The new capabilities at work that make this scenario possible

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Make my problems a priority.

Meet Julie.

The challenge

Julie is a long-term customer of the bank, with multiple accounts. She appreciates the convenience of online services but becomes frustrated if things don't work as easily or as quickly as she'd like. She doesn't hesitate to call customer service when she has a problem and has done so on a couple of occasions in the last month.

Where do most banks fall short?

Many banks are unable to quickly identify and connect issues that indicate customer dissatisfaction and potential churn risk. By recognizing problems—or patterns of problems—sooner, banks can take immediate action to resolve them.

Customer Loyalty: a big challenge
Reality check

In a recent survey of senior bankers worldwide, 30 percent of respondents from the Americas said maintaining customer loyalty was their biggest challenge.3

How Julie's bank earned her loyalty

The bottom-line benefits

The new capabilities at work that make this scenario possible

Real stories of success

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What's possible with IBM?

Putting the customer at the center of everything you do

Whether you're trying to grow market share, wallet share or customer satisfaction, your bank's success depends on creating more personal and relevant experiences for individual customers. IBM can help you achieve this critical goal by infusing predictive customer insights into your marketing decisions, processes and initiatives.

Through our integrated offerings, you're able to transform your organization to be more relevant, responsive and efficient by advancing your capabilities in these core areas:

IBM Customer Analytics

Linking data to analysis to actions that optimize outcomes

Data Icon

Explore a bigger percentage of your customer data, including more types of data from more sources, to better understand customers as individuals.

Deepen your customer understanding with more robust data from multiple sources, including:

  • Interaction data: Emails, call center notes and click-through streams
  • Attitudinal data: Opinions, marketplace research and social media
  • Behavioral data: Orders, transactions and payment history
  • Descriptive data: Historical data, demographics and attributes
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Predictive Insight Icon

Anticipate customer behavior by rapidly analyzing historical, recent and real-time data to predict next-best action with greater certainty and speed.

Enrich your current predictive models with more robust insights to:

  • Better determine what customers are likely to want or do next
  • Inform front-line customer interactions with predictive techniques
  • Proactively identify customer service issues to increase retention
  • Classify customers based on potential lifetime value to guide next-best actions
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Enterprise Marketing Icon

Infuse predictive insights into your marketing programs and processes to inform decisions and better target customer offers and campaigns.

  • Use predictive analytics to personalize and unify customer interactions and experiences across multiple channels, including email, interactive voice response, web, mobile, social media and contact centers.
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Omnichannel Icon

Gain insight into specific customer channel preferences to improve the efficiency and impact of your marketing campaigns.

  • Deliver the best offer through the most appropriate channel based on customer interaction preferences. A feedback loop helps ensure accuracy over time with each delivered decision.
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Built for integration


Make the most of IBM Customer Analytics by augmenting your marketing capabilities with the following banking solutions from IBM:


Create and maintain a more complete and current view of your customers with a consolidated view of data directly collected or indirectly derived through analytics.

These insights can help you generate sales leads, enhance products, adjust pricing, better manage distribution and eventually think like a retailer in providing a more personalized and relevant customer experience.


Provide a consistent, personalized and engaging customer experience across virtually every point of contact and interaction with your bank.

Fueled by analytics, this multichannel architecture can help you create a superior and consistent channel user experience that can improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and strengthen competition differentiation.


Leverage customer insight for campaign execution and sales leads identification across channels, product lines and market segments.

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Learn how you can drive better banking outcomes with IBM.

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1 NGDATA, NGDATA 2014 Consumer Banking Survey, October 2014.

2 IBM, Leading Through Connections: Insights from the Global Chief Executive Officer Study, May 2012.

3 Temenos, Temenos' 7th annual survey of challenges, priorities and trends in the financial services sector, 2014.