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Big SQL 3.0: A leap forward for SQL on Hadoop

August 20, 2014 | 1:10:11


We will discuss the various SQL on Hadoop alternatives and explore why such technologies have become an area of keen interest for many organizations. We will discuss the various alternatives (Drill, Impala, Hive, Hadapt, Tajo, Shark, HAWQ, Presto, Phoenix, Big SQL) and their pros and cons. We will share customer use cases for warehouse modernization and the role of SQL for Hadoop in this space, as well as performance characteristics of SQL on Hadoop when running common query workloads.  
You will also hear from the IBM development team on the technical challenges they faced developing their SQL on Hadoop solution, how they addressed those challenges and what are the next set of challenges they see in the evolution of SQL on Hadoop.  We will provide an intro to Big SQL and demo. 
Big SQL delivers some exciting capabilities including comprehensive SQL functionality that leverages advanced SQL compiler/runtime all with low latency and high performance.