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Streams Developer Day, part 3: Intro to streams processing language (SPL)

August 21, 2014 | 1:22:11


With smart phones and fully instrumented cars, the amount of data we can collect from moving objects is growing at staggering rates. In a few years, the automotive industry will be the largest data producer of data after utilities—bigger than healthcare. And with this big data volume comes big data challenges. The opportunity for applying all this data in real time to problems in transportation, congestion management, emergency response, microweather prediction, supply chain management and so on is tremendous. But this requires a real-time analytics platform that can integrate GPS locations, telematics messages and sensor readings, video and other kinds of information—and scale up to any level. Beyond automotive applications, the need for a real-time big data analytics platform is becoming critical in other industries, including government, telecommunications, healthcare, energy and utilities, finance and manufacturing.
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