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Blab live chat: The omni-channel consumer

March 18, 2016 | 11:30 AM ET | 57:35


Is brick and mortar really dead? What technology solutions can retailers leverage to survive? And how can they use data to market to those hard-to-reach millennials? IBM’s Valerie Moloney and branding expert Martin Lindstrom explore the omni-channel consumer in this Blab.

  1. Branding: You built a career on the science and psychology of branding. How has technology affected how companies shape their brands?
  2. Big data versus small data: Big data is a term in the modern lexicon. Why did you decide that small data was also worth tackling in your new book, and how does small data affect the retail landscape?
  3. Customer as point of sale: At the National Retail Federation (NRF)’s Big Show 2016, HSNi CEO Mindy Grossman predicted a future of retail without boundaries or the consumer as point of sale, in which research and transactions happen wherever and whenever the consumer wants. In other words, retail without boundaries is the new norm. Can you explain the shifts in the buying habits of consumers? And what can retailers do to be successful at connecting with consumers at all touch points?
  4. Consumer engagement: What do the words consumer engagement mean to you?
  5. The death of brick and mortar: We’re seeing quite a few closures in the news. What forces have led to these actions, and do those forces mean that brick and mortar is dead? Why or why not?
  6. Big data: Consumers are more informed than ever. With social data, online reviews and social channel retailer promotions at their fingertips in real time, buyers presumably have the power to make the most educated buying decisions whether they’re online or in a store. What innovations do you see retailers leveraging to personalize their message and separate themselves from the competition?
  7. Agility: In the tech space, agility is a standard practice. Can you speak to how agility applies to retail? And why is being agile necessary to keep up with consumers’ changing tastes and behaviors?
  8. Technology trends: Geo-based marketing, subscription services and artificial or cognitive intelligence—what types of technology is impacting the way we shop and the way retailers market to consumers?
  9. Millennials: We’ve heard that millennials are a challenging demographic for marketers because of notions that they’re not brand loyal and not as willing to respond to traditional methods of advertising. Do you agree? Why or why not?
  10. Takeaways: You visited consumers’ homes while researching your book. What lessons did you come away with that might be of value to the retailer?

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