Achieving real-time actionable insight


If you want to reach the right customer at the moment when they are in the right location and ready to buy, you need real-time actionable insight. No matter what you are selling - even if it is chicken dinners - real-time actionable insight provides the opportunity for any business to understand what individual customers want and what actions they are likely to take. By delivering this insight in real time, customers can be targeted when they are nearby and ready to buy.

Learn how to make better business decisions with real-time actionable insight



0:02most things become more efficient with real time 0:05actionable insight even selling chicken dinner 0:08yes chicken dinners say your grocery store manager and you want to sell more 0:13chicken dinners to people on the move nearby 0:16people club opted into your marketing campaigns 0:20cell you need to capture these moving target in real time 0:24coupons 1 credit neither will traditional marketing in decision-making 0:28tools because 0:30you want to find those chicken dinner prospects when they're within five miles 0:34a 0:34your store you need to know where they're heading when they have parked 0:39when they're walking around and you want to reach them between 0:43say 5&7 p.m. with the right offers 0:46and discounts at the right time you need to tap into the stream at Big Data 0:51generated by consumer devices and hit the geospatial jackpot 0:56that lets you analyze data in motion so you can see where your prospects are 1:00going 1:01and what you should offer them and when so you start by creating a simple 1:06and easy to understand model showing all the customers who like chicken 1:10and then another that identified who is likely to hang out near the grocery 1:14store 1:15next you merge these models and add real time streaming data 1:20decision management capabilities let you refine your 1:24offers based on real time data so you can tailor discounts and extra offers to 1:29particular customers 1:30this real time actionable insight let you see where the different offers were 1:35sent on a map 1:36and the new market at nearby consumers to accept the offers 1:40accepted offers are dynamically added to your models and business rules 1:44and data from your successful chicken dinner promotion can be used for future 1:48campaign 1:49congratulations there's more on the menu then just chicken dinners 1:54IBM provides these tools to address insurance fraud and banking risk 1:58we've helped our customers deliver life-saving medical attention 2:02increase the accuracy of weather predictions 2:05and create more efficient ways to use and conserve energy 2:09imagine it realize it trusted 2:12and sell more chicken dinners by sending the right offers 2:16to the right customers at the right time 2:21am