Analytics and In-memory Technologies - Session Preview


Rachel Bland, senior product manager for IBM Business Analytics, describes one of the many sessions on Analytics at Information On Demand 2013. This session will focus on IBM's latest in-memory technologies and how we're making them easier to use. Key points of this session are:
  • Fast Interactive Exploration - Answers when you need them by how we apply in-memory technology to deliver speed and resiliency 
  • Richness - how IBM is making it easier than ever before to get the best from our products
  • Simplicity - Just 1 person in just 1 hour can get to a fully deployed stack, ready for action ..find out how we make that happen.
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Once there, you can use the Agenda Builder to add Rachel's session to your itinerary. Again, the name of the session is Analytics Patterns of Expertise --the Fast Path to Amazing Solutions.