Answers in analytics: How Mueller Inc. improves customer experience with analytics


Mueller Inc., a North American manufacturer of retail steel and steel building products, implements a comprehensive analysis and reporting system, gaining insights into supply chain and customer demand trends and cutting financial reporting times when it engages with IBM. Learn how IBM analytics is helping industries work smarter.


5431 IBM Vision 2015 Mark Lack, Mueller, Inc. – As Produced Transcript Mueller, Incorporated manufacturers and retails steel building products across the southwestern part of the United States. Uh, we take large amounts of steel and transform them into, usable products that people can use to protect assets such as their home with a roof or a building for storage of items We have lots of data… the key to using that data is transforming it from data into information but by having the data we can transform it into, to insights that can allow us to then take that, that, and, and make real strong business decisions. Through the use of statistics and analytics we realized we didn’t need to make that purchase. All we had to do was look at the data, gain the insights from it, change a process on the front and save lots of money, uh, in the process. I can tell you return on investment from this, this first analysis that we did… had a 324% return on assets within six weeks. …Now we’re looking at data a lot more closely in, into, and not just down to the, the, the aggregate level, but down to the fine level. Because, what the system allows you to do with the heavy lifting is, is dig deep into your data to help you find those veins of gold that are stored in there that, that you’re looking for. So today, we have these tools that can do this for us and, and, and make it go that much quicker.