Are you ready for real-time payment processing?


As banks modernize their operations to achieve multiple goals of lowering costs and providing customers with high-quality digital banking, they are starting with their payments systems. Clients are demanding faster payment offerings and more innovative services. But traditional bank processing batch systems are unable to keep up with new immediate payment schemes because transactions that used to take hours for processing now require seconds.

For financial institutions to remain relevant, they must be ready to engage in real-time service where and when it’s convenient for the customer; on their device of choice, and using the latest and most accessible systems. With Financial Transaction Manager, IBM is helping financial institutions innovate and prepare for immediate payments with the latest APIs and mobile services while protecting the security and privacy of sensitive customer data.

Financial Transaction Manager is a software solution that processes, monitors, tracks and reports financial payments and transactions. Designed for real-time transactions, it delivers payments convergence and enables predictive insights. Financial Transaction Manager includes pre-built capabilities for SEPA, Swift Business Services, UK Faster Payments and Corporate Payment Services, and full life-cycle for ACH Services.

IBM's Financial Transaction Manager for ACH provides market-leading middleware, 30 years of tested payment experience, global reach and all the components to process the entire life-cycle of an ACH transaction.

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