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Watch this live chat with our second group of teams and participants from the #Hadoop4Good challenge to learn why they chose their projects, hear some of their challenges and delve deeper into the story behind their applications.

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0:00 do 0:04 donald was born 11 for my name is Courtney 0:07 ally with me i dnt man I have bad I'll 0:10 working will yeah alright 0:13 a data scientist and developers over the past couple of months 0:16 for our beneficial to the chance so 0:20 most maybe turn what's in your first time lost will 0:23 we want more first six Dementors and we'll talk a little bit about 0:27 what did you know I'll were seeking to accomplish with the 0:31 insights to write an application for a while and they also have an opportunity 0:35 at those books questions 0:36 so today we're going to do that with our sixth additional participants 0:40 and also talk a little bit about horrible words at war: 0:44 be announced or a one-week wall next 0:47 all went well so 0:51 that cool good this morning and Steve every you this is what is an opportunity 0:55 to really just talk a little bit or ball 0:57 what worked on on your process as well what's known y'all 1:00 when I think most part how all what was going on talk about our 1:04 was not was on also software suite 311 calls 1:08 sort they have over to you and more folks I'm 1:12 are you my needs not much im and be- submission-id: 1:17 was the usual analysis so York City 3-1 walk-ons 1:21 so it does reduce my so it can give no 1:25 I'm gonna be a professional been working in IT 1:28 your worldly mall already years now 1:31 more so than what was to be a and lately have been working with it big 8 1:36 and and I could never lose and so on and so or 1:39 hmm so will be disturbed before we continue 1:45 you have to do the directions most intently to what it did over 1:48 school everything just doing everything it by minutes I say and then with the 1:52 next person 1:52 yelping want to go through all your uses including what will take a little 1:57 what your process lol all we can turn it over to the next person for more and 2:01 we're all for any questions or 2:03 composed that it so I just need a little help with with tax 2:06 racial rigidly to share my screen to show what I did 2:10 incl degree 2:13 on its own the one I'm you see this is the urinalysis 2:17 PO Box 2831 because this is this submission 2:21 day %uh the primary and didn't do it which I will do little things that 2:26 yesterday nights and ringtones what the idea and why 2:29 there's so Benoit here was the hero 2:35 day going to the people's hands a little its be matched war between 2:38 literary analysis on the back and week 2:42 your you have one holds Gator from the website 2:46 you know because it would be too that was missing excoriated a2 2:51 sober critical at hand massage dear 2:54 going to who San Bernardino CA is a great big over 2:58 on the table back home remix now we realize very soon is based there isn't 3:03 at all 3:03 feature or hand there's bimbo on it listed 3:07 I also it will be monitored seem to be a work in progress 3:11 and thank so already dented was a bit with worry we will be able 3:15 I beat you must not be too I okay 3:19 a recent beating somebody let's go back to the basics 3:23 yen let's do something which is also had on 3:27 the intrinsic deductions or the interpretation would be our kids 3:31 the audience in this case being rebuke to be a commodities 3:35 so worried and it was a BTEC I'm going bill will 3:39 basic data analysis beating some reason aggregate 3:42 an up-and-down and we're sure some some beats no 3:45 this will be a risky job if you see this is gonna be a PM's 3:49 BMX Blackwall in there is a BBQ 3:52 are 3:54 reporter depiction of batt 3:56 0 graduated as your my children after 4:00 and we'll be here all staffing so be 4:03 film active completion aspect that I was playing pool man 4:07 so what I can do was a based on race day to 4:11 will be in bad meal and I we collect the data and we've agreed that backing 4:15 cheater 4:16 your biz do under it shows BRB 1908 4:20 gives basic some great b-day steven Powell summarized by silicon great you 4:24 know 4:24 my night with a column by the or by A&M 4:28 mambo the irangate and a few others but war 4:32 what we think it will be filed your concluding YouTube video 4:35 his apartment all like to see it being an to make sure I can improve things 4:39 you the for all your went back tones that actually will help me say 4:44 hey I didn't want this so way toward fixing 4:47 who I've been forced and Michael X 4:50 do we start with what about right to complain so you can see how the letter 4:55 there is this no lol 2008 a startup 4:59 it going to be in with all the way to the bottom and say okay it with your own 5:02 intense than much treatment and a triplet 91 bpm 5:07 mister their jobs get retailer by 5:10 back orbicular complete night any pics 5:13 not easy picture dude Matt Moore 5:16 we do it not going to be it's almost too Heidi 5:20 most would be incumbents are or 11 5:24 which 6 and biz is be done bleeding problems by 5:29 my mom what meant it was a big problems 5:32 summaries is all yours late in the month of January 5:36 am trial thrown them into order 5:40 repeal January be ready problems we can expect to be 5:44 because it's winter but this is a really basic scenario we could combine this 5:48 with let's say I want to see 5:50 no all I wanna seeee in aspic 5:53 mission as you can mine wall and you can see 5:56 a whole bill who played together in common as many as you 6:00 home you know what you're doing great concern is what was important 6:04 maybe we'll see or this 6:07 or looking beach now me for the exit rickety 6:10 you can ski conditions or be square abusive or 10 6:14 06 in mines it or so let's see how one min 6:17 on business all one minute that is were created in Step man 6:22 mind to night she was a different time 6:25 look toward the future is not you can be evolved humans 6:29 I'll something that has been being computer better 6:33 be analyzed and derived because Ben 6:37 I'll it's like a black box and its however basic discovery in 6:41 with the confusion someone who wants to build a dam to be 6:44 unit or the data he didn't lose it act 6:48 this is what would be done it not much you 6:51 medication to beat all that is aggregates 6:54 you can slice it visually using some basic radio and you can see the rain to 7:00 this tour been back since you and dad 7:04 will ban you can basically be able to save create I'm 7:07 buildings there be an actress 7:10 europeans yeah began ill get and there are you 7:14 war wife-beater at me and in important between the different departments 7:19 one big and let them go back do is from 7:22 and I'm 7:25 I'll as I had mentioned in here 7:29 there are some back into their own yes for instance a indirect to 7:32 I %um awesome the ER some personal training that is 7:36 there are quite a few call 07 New York City now why does need to be handled by 7:41 a computer 7:42 UT may be relevant between our where someone who is in the authorities 7:47 with two incredibly and the Indian if this is not 7:50 supposed to happen believe its human resources so they can 7:54 it was appropriate that's one use case 7:57 you have announced this service where you see I'll 8:01 if you can you to select group will you be doing general construction 8:05 you see something back and saying dude when East was quite 8:09 Ian 18 8:10 it leaks by courtesy but I'm and maybe the farmers their hand at least you 8:15 don't know each other and find out what's really going on 8:18 and that we big intensity okay 8:21 it would be neat what we're doing to address this problem maybe there is 8:24 something which might the ground level 8:26 where when it is done construction people remember you've got me so that's 8:30 very quiet mobile to me is 8:31 should be important sOooo the 8:35 bill done a tremendous termite with you and I was it was 8:38 not make a great mom X in person you 8:41 somebody in statuary since bill but maybe 8:45 inferences on will be included in the europeans 8:49 he had to be arms because even if I do or 8:52 advances to be more than glad it has Peninsula repair 8:57 variates and enough to be in there has to be some human intervention to be 9:01 sorry 9:01 with the youth and a new for you to be turned away with the decision will be 9:05 the judge 9:06 fish me gymnast in no way do you know any smoke Mac should work together in 9:12 warrior and solo and start and then 9:16 see it 18 inspections or and put 9:19 oh actually or wanna I will increase also who is always a mess the first time 9:24 someone's then you will 9:25 no good just last night and I think whole time slower 9:29 normal were all the questions I will try to answer but the way what you thought 9:33 of coral 9:34 workout rules for long as it was good or chrome or 9:37 are all want your sponsor or so 9:41 that is what we were all of books do you have questions I don't see any questions 9:45 young lot but your Google questions with in stock awards worth your call 9:50 and I'm ok they will do that 9:53 an a any vignette nyack 9:56 or chrome or chrome or 00 10:00 thank you very much for your overview on your participation will 10:03 that was impossible why don't we were or /url 10:07 my house was built up a little bit about some there all along with its not see 10:10 I'll worked all sports are still some 10:14 for a walk yet 10:17 I had a home yeah I'll 10:20 the nation we'll see how can I see campus so that he/she 10:24 the she stays I'll up by an estimated a 10:28 and a mess and going to jail and as though he had no accidents 10:33 a.m. our what happens if they want to go let me 10:37 that day and makes our and also I have lost your location that 10:41 we had on the experience says I'll 10:45 or at the beach and I'll 10:49 engineer has pop so the 10:52 our asses although one last time 10:56 all St baggio so he doesn't understand the whole 11:00 SAT back is is not enter on the latest 11:04 other in this is a a specific shell 11:07 less addresses I'll you 11:11 a step up miss who is a each 11:14 yeah 11:18 okay great so somewhat did you weren't forced are not processed 11:23 or something interesting findings but wait what rivals articles 11:27 or well I guess what another question I schools 11:30 well we'll see what you were able to quite a while 11:34 laying out below alright so something or quote 11:37 well we're worse or its deterrent now all souls 11:40 were also materials are all yeah he had a 11:45 yeah this is they use he was a 11:48 each that uses anyhow I'll saw the 11:51 her up in 11:55 in you had a real at is the leading you 11:58 yes it is %uh so I am well uses a 12:02 her but nothing is then yeah it was the 12:06 obligation is he isn't so 12:10 any vendor I'll year who is only 12:14 most let me use those is motivated 12:17 enter up Google them in a Vegas 12:21 so Media Indonesia 12:26 on that whom 12:28 was a 12:31 universe I'm and 12:35 also the I had is a 12:38 the murder I had a and it doesn't a 12:42 lead are you basically get I'll in a mood and the head as you can 12:50 be be here that well so that's really interesting it's funny quote for 12:55 personal reasons news network so what's nice is that what's new 12:58 not so much the overall goal hopes for when analyzing certainly no 13:03 what serious problems in preparation for our broken benefit from some moral 13:08 support 13:08 what was your partner or so I don't think I wouldn't want your 13:13 all send any questions or while soho 13:17 more no other or questions your what we were right I wasn't I hope you're 13:22 somewhat lazy 13:23 you well look what is too well what if I know I'm rocky open now 13:29 my app is called juneau juvenile is the Latin verb 13:33 which means to you a geneticist he and 13:37 for this amp and you know my intention was to assist 13:41 halsey officials public administrators 13:44 economic development officials community NGO leaders 13:48 with said Heene economic and social development goltz 13:53 a.m. the inspiration for this app was dead 13:57 i've lived most in my life in contrasting community each 14:02 I grew up in Rust Belt Region it was Ian 14:05 decades-long economic decline announce 14:09 for the past 20 years I've lived in Austin Texas 14:12 which is bien the national economic development success story 14:16 so through this up to this challenge 14:19 I wanted to focus on line economic and social development 14:23 in ask the question what are the characteristics that make 14:28 some community six each and others fail 14:32 so 14:34 kinda how I when the bell doing is she and in building the rapid yen some 14:39 I want to create meant reached 14:42 to make sure the all the a plunge in the community 14:46 ENT am this app is really committed 14:49 data mashup from I am self-rule 14:53 I'm open source I am Open Data 14:56 I am datasets from different federal agencies 15:00 the first one was the am Internal Revenue Service 15:03 he and the data don't use from their tracks population migrations 15:09 based on personal income tax returns 15:12 so I used net migration percent changes in Metairie 15:18 which heels a good overall me to reach to 15:21 indicates and perceived economic opportunity 15:25 or the lack thereof by tracking whether people are moving into the community 15:30 or fleeing away from the community just second Metrik 15:36 I used I'm is the combined homicide 15:40 in suicide death rates per capita from the national center of Health Statistics 15:46 I'm this is a good quality of life indicator 15:50 because it can say things about public safety 15:54 effectiveness of Community Mental Hills drawing in domestic violence 15:59 poverty and your I am 16:02 then I over ladies two metrics 16:06 with the Census Bureau's American Community Survey 16:09 to get the commute the characteristics 16:12 the community I'm for the and up 16:16 it looked into groups the first group 16:20 was book club 10 percent help communities 16:23 who had the lowest death rate in the highest population influx 16:28 people moving into the community the end 16:31 verses the bottom 10 percent I'll which had 16:34 the highest death rate each in the highest population 16:37 L close these were kind of the 16:40 floor and ceiling metrics for the United States 16:45 comparing these two groups I think class applied the community characteristics 16:50 into three categories: workforce 16:53 social economic in behavioral 16:56 in examine several characteristics 16:59 within these categories for Hadoop 17:03 I'm this was the first time I used it so in my exploratory data analysis 17:09 I look at the death reach by mister classification 17:12 this was either like I'll large urbane 17:15 three-inch Metro Tim suburban small towns 17:20 you rule he and I'm your walled communities in this 17:25 in exploratory data analysis appeared to have the highest death rates all these 17:30 groups 17:30 inist to me seem strange 17:34 so don't know you have to kind of go a little bit deeper 17:38 he aunt you know this the open data movement is still 17:42 in its infancy but one of the things 17:45 did you need to be aware of with these datasets 17:49 or the polity regulations the right mortality analysis data set 17:54 that I used only reported communities with Chan 17:58 or more %uh total homicides and suicides 18:03 so the question is: key against how much my analysis data 18:08 is Missy due to these regulations so the master mortality data set 18:13 is very large enhanced all the identifiers such 18:17 as community each stripped so I used to do 18:21 a big hard to find the total number of homicides and suicides reported 18:26 compared it with the analysis with my analysis data 18:31 i them 15 percent to be excluded 18:35 from my analysis if u'd 6 percent of those that are excluded from rural 18:39 communities 18:41 so up you know when you look at this analysis 18:45 I'm you have to I'm take a look 18:48 that 18:49 not wholly the analysis data sets itself 18:52 but also the missing day the missing data can you get a complete picture 18:57 I'm I used our studio 19:01 my five-year-old lamp lot to do the analysis 19:05 and when it was connected to IBM duping the class now 19:09 it was blazing fast so this is something I may have struggled with 19:13 I am if I had to do the analysis on my local machine 19:17 um in the kinda just kinda want to follow up on candy impact 19:23 and I'm goals I'm 19:27 did I see it through sure that you know asap he and I am 19:31 I hope that this prototype will help communities think about all 19:36 using big data just hit social 19:40 Economic Development Goals in execute the actions 19:44 with this now for example a community rank in the 40th percentile 19:49 can use the metric to the 50th percentile to set achievable goals 19:54 I'll for their economic and social development 19:58 as I mentioned earlier Austin is an economic development success story 20:03 but it was built upon thirty years executing 20:07 incremental achievable goals now I'm 20:11 I use the American Community Survey data which is used a lot in economic 20:16 development 20:17 in according to the Census Bureau this data is used to make decisions for 20:22 four hundred billion dollars and state in federal funds distributed the 20:27 communities each year 20:28 so this IBM big data for social good challenge 20:33 acutely demonstrates how communities can harness 20:37 Open Data to gain a competitive advantage 20:41 for their funding request 10 that sh 20:44 desks maia presentation think yes 20:48 she robo call all what or 20:51 it's really interesting still more are also taking 20:56 all while what want equality 20:59 all all 21:01 what a letter or the most locals 21:04 I'll all of war or of course 21:08 all are you interested also while well 21:12 okie Oracle's or well his agents all 21:16 alright all %uh what the court 21:20 all what I love this is a note so than I live in Chicago 21:27 I from on I Mayo a big data progress though 21:31 been using that up for some time and I was very curious to see our 21:35 in the cloud and that's what got interested main and this 21:38 competition I've bit before darts for many years 21:42 I court many years chicago is released 21:45 its our date as sup 3 open source publicly outlook though 21:51 %uh no I resource on DL internet 21:54 arm let me share my screen is possible of as a side of Chicago as 21:59 released a ate up or to look for many years now and it 22:03 releases allowed a s sex and the primary data set back to that sadly both 22:10 is be crimes stated said that's almost like this in years 22:14 baidoa and I just want to tell you that it's 22:18 $55 million carts it's not a small subset 22:22 a second a date so good they relax a bit a tux 22:25 up before best song so when this competition came over 22:30 of you know I just started thinking about how to build a very cohesive 22:35 I'll bet friend and sort this dataset and being a 22:40 precedent in the Chicagoland region I 22:43 I've started thinking as to what's useful sure they arrested in such 22:47 Chicago 22:48 from don't just the data that's habitable publicly by the city of 22:52 Chicago 22:53 so I decided to army note look at this CD 22:57 as a in as a as a composite of 23:00 out walks objects the smallest level of our government 23:05 be at so the city is divided into about 50 wats 23:09 and each wall art as its own are demanded at its own public schools as 23:13 hell 23:14 early days so basically the government of chicago is divided into waters 23:18 and each water as they are demand has a as I mentioned so 23:22 if you I you know the resources available in the city of Chicago and 23:26 let's do 23:27 arm you know from the perspective of the bed in I mean you want to know which 23:31 wide as 23:32 the most crimes at the best schools what the ratings of the school on things that 23:36 are 23:37 so this web application navigate Chicago 23:41 is babylon Lumix lee also done Lumix 23:44 is a is that bad you to 23:48 the services Ablett though flooded residents of Chicago so 23:52 what you're seeing on my screen is the Trent and dove 23:55 the age thirty WRC when you 23:59 under this web page so the force question would be like okay what's my 24:02 wall art right so you would click on this and I knew it would 24:06 go to this page are you know you can find out which wall art your 24:10 I'll basically belong to just for the 24:14 from sake of but this presentation let's assume that you are in water 24:18 want so so lets a go toward one 24:22 I'll 24:24 I you note so I get to know more about 24:28 this wall art so I can see the walk boundaries 24:31 and all my heart amanece and guess what you can also know what the latest salary 24:35 of the argument is 24:37 because this all public information at lambeau as part of Chicago data photo: 24:41 now I I can get information on what they all say 24:44 our for number index that this is regularly information Ababa 24:48 but as I said I want to know more about the water and i cant s 24:52 look at the wat map but I can look at the client's 24:55 right so I can look at like what I did Paul 24:59 5 crimes that happen in de Swart so 25:02 you can see like you know this criminal damage 25:06 arson and expect that so there's a pie chart but and also you have a public 25:10 lout 25:11 chart Object List Rd Paul she you 25:14 are you know crime types there are very applicable 25:17 to this water and you can't see in the last fifteen years this 25:21 been about close two hundred thousand crimes and then you can see 25:25 all the listings of the radius stop crime backus 25:29 I before I get this I want to mention back it's $55 million carts Ababa some 25:35 beach 25:35 kagabi decor and trust me you Contador descent the Microsoft Excel 25:40 they have it big side warning on BR 25:43 Chicago Addo said that you don't try do we know da blow dis into 25:48 XO but the beauty of our Lumix was I was 25:51 a burden or disabled exchange in less than 10 minutes 25:54 it took about a I wouldn't after download the $55 million to cart state 25:59 it was as if I took over and out but it according to basics in less than 10 26:03 minutes so that was 26:05 something fascinating about to blow mix for me and once 26:09 I started you know kind of categorizing 26:12 I'll you note the crime pipes tigar then I started 26:15 a you know categorizing by the wall arts and started developing 26:20 charts and you know this is what you see so what are the primary analysis my 26:25 application 26:26 does s I know kinda Group Inc 26:29 crimes up by water level and the types and things like that so 26:33 I can also show you the analysis I it do 26:36 up thing I mentioned is as a 26:38 added you want to know which one is the best schools what the 26:41 ratings for the schools are this is something I really struggled to find it 26:45 on because 26:46 I had to pull the data from Chicago Public Schools so it's not gonna fight 26:51 to get a couple good things but so I had to do a lot of thought you know and work 26:55 with best 26:55 so in this case high 80 26:58 in a big date of fraud if you elementary schools 27:01 in the wall art and then I it ran through the composite 27:06 you know score as well as select reading growth Matt 27:09 brought and the demographics up b-schools so this is all about 27:12 through the Chicago Public School so for example ward 1 27:16 as I okay bunch of elementary schools and you know 27:20 then you can see that you know the Hispanic person dates and 27:23 african-american person 27:24 H things like that then I started charging dog the 27:27 reading outside a composite growth how was it 27:30 dog you know I we've affect the scores 27:34 so I far back as the low-income percentage enrollment in the school Inc 27:38 resist Matt groat 27:40 is slower so similarly high date 27:43 from amino percent H enrollment and a school Inc resisted reading growth is 27:49 higher so 27:50 if you have cakes with low income per cent HD reading growth has been 27:54 higher so I similarly I big dog you know 27:57 format and after reading so for a particular 28:01 I'll walk so these this was so most 28:04 the analysis I did up but I took this one step I had like i cant you cant get 28:09 more information about I'll know this city of Chicago I 28:13 you got me running my neighbor be elected as today you can also see 28:17 I a salary and press me is not be number one now 28:20 ironing implying in the city of chicago is number two 28:23 I would like to find out about because through analysis I day 28:27 I got a bit of 50 µl and Bryce sauce at Grace 28:31 of 50,000 to cart analyzed through big sheets on big problem makes 28:35 and iPhone I and you can see there disappeared and 28:38 of least on makes the most as an employee of Chicago 28:42 they made makes up next time is is number two 28:46 of fifty I and Bryce are you can find 28:49 but if you want to see be crime rate at the city level 28:53 you know you can find out the charts update and desist 28:57 Press this is for fifteen years this is across the city of Chicago 29:01 and the ratings city though the number of crimes that happen in the city of 29:05 Chicago 29:06 by each crime type so we have about 5.5 million 29:09 I'll $55 million to arts FF are to Chicago 29:13 I can do it I education and now it says 29:16 I'll 29:18 I'll men this this is basically a arm 29:23 a kind of up putting the services are available as part of Chicago 29:29 I'll into the well 29:32 into the sport coat I'll study some think it's not working right now 29:36 a maps okayed a book the widgets working so you can find out 29:40 I love like the school's where they're located on things that are 29:44 and a provider budgets you can embed this API 29:47 you know and you can bend estates made it things I 29:50 if you are interested in public safety you have a link to 29:54 the AMBER Alert I'm sure everybody savell no clothes no subarctic 29:57 and you can look at the police stations available in the city of Chicago you can 30:01 go down 30:02 and you know you can find out the address of the PlayStation 30:06 and and let's say let's find out 30:09 s so you can find out the location you can do 30:12 you can google maps you can similarly do it the fire station 30:16 in a canoe can narrow it down this is all I've looked through the city of 30:19 Chicago 30:20 and you can do let public libraries you know similarly 30:24 embroidered I Public Library use 30:27 and then if you're a senior citizen if you want to know 30:31 I'll you know where their senior santa are far the city of Chicago 30:36 you can you know a get that information 30:40 and if you want to know more about help get out the vote 30:43 you know so it embedded into this website so you can look at the mental 30:47 health centers 30:48 on a map so for example all Salon de Almeida let's end our so you can 30:53 in a you can zoom and and tomorrow and things like that 30:57 I'm condom distribution sites that are available in city of Chicago 31:01 um this is related to health care and if you're interested in transportation dog 31:06 Absa 31:07 a success close love bites sharing system that's have lived in the city of 31:10 Chicago 31:11 it's a trying to locate a bike center thats nearby 31:15 you know you can do that I'd um its it as a but it doesn't bite standards 31:19 stations it's a big success in the city of Chicago 31:21 at their local metro us I'll CPA so it's all have lebow 31:26 in a single but orkut and you know it's 31:29 it's very usable you can learn a bar the city and the 31:33 mayor a crime rates education analysis 31:37 some you know you can't look good on the larger map um you know 31:41 on and thanks 31:47 I liked so its basically a 31:51 it's a usable web portal I use big sheets saddam 31:55 primarily the charts than I do get the data from Chicago Public Schools 31:59 arlen nom no one place 32:02 baby can now are we can see it and you can read about their 32:06 died in May might project H what it is as this said 32:10 away the Chicago data portal not sufficient to just sit by Joe 32:14 sex API San map 69 I could really use about bike that general public 32:19 of $54 million the dark side guard what did I use 32:22 I aggregated by primary types I can do with the water level 32:26 I not things like that so my view both 32:30 problem the chalice of Chicago and blesses public at lambeau 32:33 a and apps iight it to the wall arts and also get some education and I'll Isis 32:38 and its avalible in a link I and you can just click on it 32:42 anti comes up basically it's a very usable 32:45 amo by strangely I'll web application will start on Blu mix 32:50 thank you so much and the overall 32:54 I will all will be I'm just so impressed with the way it was revealed 32:58 is a longer and more well applicability all be 33:01 applications or you know cities across the country I think people 33:06 I'll be here for lot last week we had summoned joining 33:10 and talk about the spring flowers and that was really no also 33:13 very very interesting and this week we got a couple people talk about 33:16 once it is beset all operational tightenings 33:19 they thinkers also will consume also thank you very much for all your 33:24 and I don't know yet what fifteen minutes let's warm or cold was gonna 33:27 tell us what 33:28 that white you follow a whole lot would like to hear all about what it is and 33:33 I'm sure our viewers but to do so over TMR all 33:35 yes thank you very much gurney 33:39 in there yes our worker who was 33:42 bowel to the the City of London so I 33:46 we trade shoots a comparison criers 33:49 and the house prices tonight's to some demographic variables 33:53 and the our goal 33:55 it was to detect say there is a relation between 33:59 it defines 6 a.m. the and the 34:03 find level social scrapping with house prices 34:07 and the those the the mall that demographic variables 34:11 I we cool see their the specific here 34:14 what time period these between years 34:18 sue 2009 than the 20 min 34:21 and in order to do that too we we used to 34:25 some data sets provided by the 34:28 the City of London how we chose that because we've seen that 2010 34:33 those in other sets that were provided for the for to combat the issue was 34:38 about to be even with the City of London 34:41 and where babies the need to be so we all were always 34:45 now focusing all on them for our business 34:48 and many other things so out that we used for 34:53 the for different that sets in order to 34:56 to do this and the first one was about to D house prices 35:01 that that was the one provided that byee 35:04 the home but European Challenge competition 35:08 and the Wii also integrated that 35:11 with a crime summary that sets too so 35:14 that was about the summer the prize for in the City of London and one about you 35:19 just people 35:21 to is so the you can't seem to do 35:24 people believe that the population by the the 35:28 the Euro age and then other data sets the 35:33 mean the summary which contained it be 35:37 here them big summary of them a great 35:41 demographic and democratic through 35:45 related the them solu- red after 35:48 destroys who wielded everything into 35:52 the Lumix and then we had the 35:56 quite big piece of the meant that the quality and the 36:00 that the preparation the just before we 36:04 we proceed do with the prosti menya 36:07 and the queries because we found out that 36:10 and not so many the variables and 36:13 all the theme all the years that week 36:17 wanna 24 was on and 36:20 red after their to Wii U we started with the Big C pulled out the 36:24 iteration and in order to provide 36:29 the some statistical investigation we used the 36:33 IBM Watson the family pics and 36:37 so hour ago lou was to understand the howl 36:42 the you know who net at different 36:45 a less OA because at that was our level of detail 36:49 I'm could the 36:53 I mean Yahoo me we could we wanted to find a way to this caller 36:58 how these different variables who defected 37:02 the me you know the house prices 37:05 in the in order to do this we provided a it 37:09 single-level in this survey and analysis 37:12 and in or it should be as allies everything you know we used the 37:16 problems so we use that you frank that a different kind of service 37:21 and the if you will not like issue you 37:25 making you a brief overview both for 37:28 though Watson we the what we did and trying to share my screen Yahoo 37:34 so the busy career 37:37 I were our that the visa is the is based on different types 37:42 and that we can start from the mop 37:46 of the crimes so you could see 37:49 at the road dish or maps of London 37:52 I hooey which shows to 37:55 to focus on noam a small subset of 37:58 and less so 80s that just because that's a blow was not 38:02 that's a a great to with the be a 38:06 with the performance we've got all know with the full set of 38:10 a less waste a she can see each year the correlation between the crimes 38:16 and summoned the group that demographic variables which are 38:20 the percentage of people aged between 16 and 29 min the number of employees 38:25 working in each area 38:27 in the percentages of ever is on interest but those 38:30 absences a so the 38:33 these that the music is is is very interactive 38:37 and that you can miss select the 10 38:40 those the crimes that I'm did we chose to focus on 38:45 and that you can see Howell the 38:49 thing you know in the correlation between 38:53 the parables and the the crimes variety 38:57 during the years so 39:01 who we can see you my we also chose a different bands 39:06 and as you can see we who 39:10 which focuses on low-medium and the high levels 39:13 of crimes associates who me correlated should be use 39:17 different crimes and in order to you 39:22 to choose them we yeah 39:24 the me that these assumptions some choices 39:27 and the 39:31 mean that will should be dead search for house prices 39:35 and we correlated them to the number of dwellings 39:40 and the number of children in the in poverty 39:44 and for each obvious 39:47 al-issawi we can get more details 39:51 simply seeking them out on this link and that we've got 39:55 all different the two so all-news 39:59 different indicators also 40:03 through across the frontiers and of course you can also select 40:07 your specific al-issawi if you're 40:10 very focused on on local one or more 40:14 of beats ummmm 40:17 which are the challenges that we at to figure out 40:20 and ensure overcome I'll 40:23 the new that they were mostly about to D yumm 40:28 the the data quality process because 40:31 that sets aware the 40:34 quite big and the the contains many many different variables 40:39 we have the problems with the different time frames 40:43 and also about to the death is always 40:46 it the mutually fiction we had to find a compromise between at the amount of data 40:52 that we want it to 40:53 to these will entice and performances 40:57 I'm so that's missing 41:00 you know that's it what great 41:05 it's really i mean was a little bigger really how all 41:08 and also you can see what that's not in office will this fall 41:12 for people who are you considering a city are trying to understand why crimes 41:15 or or or what so while 41:17 withdrawals are so what Merkel thank you very much for 41:21 or online when we go ahead and go over to him not to go Cameron her you have 41:26 modest and 41:27 we couldn't stomach ache while minutes or so call wanna make sure 41:30 of another five minutes from now on to just talk about some 41:33 perspective at the conclusion yeah so over the warmer 41:38 thank you a high 41:42 I may be happy to meet with the cell competition 41:45 and a in a guy I would like bill official debut and they put 41:49 and each one has given it back and it but good topic that interests them 41:54 and and they have been the analysis and similarly even I have taken the 41:58 a they can issue a bit I'm facing right now 42:01 I actually I'm not much to student so I'm in my last semester 42:05 unlike a want a just so golfers job such 42:08 I'll be Lake Cook I'm ready to mobilize neel 42:12 community we just know that my office location so then you to 42:16 you thought I was asking I'll when inflation from my friends and the 42:19 tickets make up missed a book on eBay 42:21 its early anymore so they let us to distinguish 42:25 in Walpole you know ehrlich a community a bitch 42:28 the image the median a hopeful income as 42:31 I'll low Alexa ordered their lives are in average 42:34 and ask whether even David addition %uh 42:37 they need %uh to know they just go for a goes to book a manikin because 42:42 make I'll the if you're going for Richard community %uh that have been 42:45 more crimes because 42:46 though the crimes about it but the people who owns 42:49 more so you don't like it don't make sense but 42:53 there was no luvn concrete evidence is there so this 42:58 upon them prompted me to do the analysis so 43:01 %uh well reply to kar love the data set from the 43:05 Chicago Crime I admit that that I and 43:08 the median household income from the census Lomond a 43:11 and us being you get that much unused and 43:15 I'm the fighting with actually surprised me %uh Interlake 43:19 than a little slow this is where Lake though I 43:22 ok with it ok what I thought %uh what my friends thought and Lake 43:26 more but if we are going for ownership committee 43:29 lead-up that the median household income is more then 43:32 there and bill be a call on this site that though crime is a crime it 43:36 other less fluent output the but this 43:39 analysis like to go luvn I you open that analysis based on the Compu level 43:44 because I got the information 43:46 %uh the compliment information was more reliable so in this 43:50 no date though they couldn't I'll using the IBM 43:54 Nomex I use the you putting the large number of baidoa 43:57 and then you know that big business have I'll use make I have cuidado con 44:02 separately on database and I you it and it died 44:05 explode but they could she can do that now with the and a unity use the other 44:09 I'm not a big dollar bill with a complete and Allison 44:12 but in now using I'd be in the mix I was a little a 44:15 all in one in at this stage so newspapers 44:19 you for me i know im in on it go home 44:23 also accident but I got to know that we had to go away the facts not but %uh 44:28 surgeon 44:28 so good this other third will head a 44:32 everyone like you me are mune anyone know who is the lucky are 44:36 erlich in all to the %uh the public people ok let go 44:39 love one but the law would say they got they want if they are moving to a new 44:43 community 44:44 ok cool Big Ten love just will be the fact that 44:48 lay in on it the though 44:52 love median household income has more 44:55 then they can go look that they can as a No a few that that their 44:58 left go read that a relief grant because but now we have a concrete evidence for 45:03 so this may like I think it the ahead the public people 45:07 and the what other up from the Armitage bus but it might 45:10 attract more business mostly just like the education 45:13 order to star in touch me inside the lab spiegel so unique a distant at that more 45:18 business to the those particular region late lead the median household income 45:23 will be more so this may I think it might you know 45:26 research and I didn't we have put 20 people o.o 45:29 and don't mention and open you know I love them 45:33 um 00 going forward like girl 45:37 there is a more I'm going to do more research in the cell 45:41 area and a pillow I know I'm playing ball blue didn't quite a bit for the 45:45 stuff that you buy up getting into the 45:47 hope for America so I know all /url 45:50 a I think that the issues challenges to know during the daytime and you 45:54 i render in on a clone huh getting the more 45:59 our data 46:00 %uh done it which never let us know I miss updating the challenge in getting 46:04 nobody 46:05 a big lol %uh different 11 administered a goal for dog I'll 46:10 you know let go the neighborhood rhea ideo already love that some other like I 46:14 let a good in all the above that you a choice 46:19 or education my so fine yes at the condo level because the comp 11 and the crime 46:24 date lead 46:24 matching with each other and I did ima get more delivered a cup 46:29 so this was a challenge I face and though 46:32 well what I let the other 20 going to look at this a safety 46:35 I'll use the IBM who makes a so this my presentation 46:39 well thank you very much 128 sorted by chance that we had 46:44 what your mark Lowe kinda give your perspectives and their dear friend 46:47 but similar to that used to piss or chrome to rate them also 46:50 Armenian and Turkmen house prices things like this to help 46:53 to write some your your outcomes so our articles very much for your real 46:58 are you you all have in common stock wasn't me 47:01 I were what rather get some perspective here from a non-refundable the 47:05 scientists what what what what what you are seeing or 47:08 that he over there and get this done so much work with insights as well 47:12 do order still it all starts with social for non well what do you think about 47:16 this theme 47:17 what he doesn't want it to real-world activities 47:20 got it thank you very much first of all competitions for you an IBM 47:26 go just very interesting contest great job %uh 47:29 and folks up anything from Broadway Nyack on a 47:32 Marco and Mr at my age you guys already done fantastic job I'm 47:37 it touched a such a swap ate a global 47:41 %uh young population thinking about doing 47:44 goat attacks in the ATL very very interesting 47:47 outbidding yet score essay my company 47:51 I never to sign says as larach work for large customer 47:54 of majoring in back doing social good and how 47:58 issue argues can be deployed you guys are demonstrated very well 48:02 as a an update JH I want already 48:06 talk about a couple of points as observation out which can be 48:09 uniformed all of you I don't want to go by 48:11 one by one because up to in the Investor I'm about 48:15 they first is a y de Chelly first hurdle 48:19 and what is of most important idea about hurdle 48:23 is really mixing their data and for all you know really done a fantastic 48:28 a project are on saving them not mixing my keeper data so says 48:32 bringing them together and to individual edition or analytics 48:36 some of your home based on that point i picking it up from only one source and 48:41 being in the huddle it a very are looking you are done a great job but I 48:45 think that hard look at show 48:47 get more sturdy but yields case for being bored is being made by data 48:51 sources 48:52 bringing the structured and unstructured content I think that's what the whole 48:56 promisee is 48:57 unsightly and great you guys to expand your projects 49:00 beyond what data source and see how can you bring in all 49:03 my keeper S 060 can you bring it engines 49:06 up for doing that dat girl by ruff the second is the 49:10 hope for books I want to talk about the or part of it that 49:14 work is really you are trying to view or more informatics 49:18 secondary investing and but your school but what I rectory CDs 49:22 or just going of large what is the impact what is really to society 49:27 of the organization's I'll by the way out are you must be aware that 49:31 so should or are just so she came back organizations are 49:34 Tyler largest embroider alone in america if you just take the worldwide 49:38 population in the 49:39 embroil made Hz a very large so what you base that going 49:43 is going to impact on Friday are not just employment secretary 49:46 a medical so I have more I saw of you have missed on that point in time the 49:51 ongoing impact of your work but I can you host all 49:54 added that in future us all I would like to reiterate 49:57 each one of your presentations are your submissions 50:01 on the first to the quality of the idea now so I'll break or 50:05 all of you how great ideas okay the second if the implementation of the idea 50:11 as I mentioned to you that you base of the army strong mixing the data 50:14 he making use of herbal at the technology and its maximum benefit 50:19 so implementations of you know be lost on points 50:22 but I get all your 50:24 very good and the potential impact of what I guess 50:27 I literally and get you all are gopac team 50:30 I don't go to church me also sought walk impact you can bring to your ID onto 50:35 society 50:36 at our school got that white the deck or be back to you 50:40 and then thank you so very much more perspective and I think 50:44 you know just at the time in total content of that what we were 50:48 talking what will challenge we have what you guys have yet to use Orbitz for many 50:53 different things but when I was also so you still think the one who might be 50:56 able to take this forward and you're ready 50:58 and most the demonstrations we saw here those work on some demos 51:01 you could see how this is an all you know consumable all 51:05 for many people will take it in Japanese tall 51:08 solo you know to let them can still hear her most will meet you while 51:13 wow I know I'd love to see the whole and I are working 51:16 lucky wasn't more of that process 51:19 sort of consoles so are deliberately 51:22 I'll think everybody here we're doing and I will just encourage 51:26 alright you know anyone that wants to come join us next 51:29 Wednesday were all again feature all these fabulous submissions and all will 51:33 submit your 51:34 well our signatures and judges nobody else 51:37 worked hard are we well I'll take that 51:40 well as your next wednesday and talk about some more 51:43 for more titles so thank you all for your insight 51:47 or terminal are and we will talk soon 51:50 have been a factor warm 51:52 all that 51:55 do