Consolidated Contractors Group maximizes asset utilization with the Internet of Things


Khaled Al-Shami, enterprise asset management solutions manager at Consolidated Contractors Group, discusses the organization’s approach to distributed enterprise asset management that utilizes analytics of Internet of Things data to enhance operational visibility, help reduce downtime and bolster productivity.

Gain near real time visibility into asset usage, better govern assets, extend the useful life of capital equipment, improve return on assets and defer new purchases with enterprise asset management.

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0:00well 0:04world my name's cut and Shami 0:08I am the EM solutions manager for consolidated contractors 0:12consolidated contractors is the year 0:15largest contractor on the Middle East love and it's one of the top 20 0:19on to warm up our asset hockey are distributed 0:23over the globe and more than 60 projects and more than 40 countries 0:27so having the right information about your assets held 0:30application and they're down talk nighttime 0:34is helping much in making the right decisions about to 0:37the operation so we had seems that there is a need for a proper asset management 0:43and maintenance solution in place 0:45helping 0:46and nap bringing this visibility back into operation 0:49to reduce the cost of the operation in terms of maintenance 0:53okay and reducing long time extending guess it's life 0:57to help the job done at the low lowest-cost 1:01and at the right time the path to meet the client satisfaction hard 1:07with Maxim 1 I'll we r having full disability over our fleet 1:11mean all got an asset in 1:14Africa is down because of a certain that failure 1:17and there we can respond to that immediately and we can tell not the guys 1:22and the 1:23operation people onside you guys should act 1:27and make the link at this acid by replacing this part 1:30in order to have it back to work as well as possible 1:34we don't want to be the meeting finishing the construction job over 1:37there 1:37this equipment has to finish its job because there's a plan for it to move 1:41maybe a to the contrary it because there's another project there's another 1:45job within 1:46month and today's construction business you need to be more competitive 1:50it to be more competitive you need to reduce on your operational cost 1:53and to enhance the productivity of your trip peep 1:57so far we were able to calculate okay thirty percent reduced 2:00on the amount polled okay 2:04around 11 now percent and reducing 2:07I'm not be predictive maintenance that is happening equipments 2:10in favor of the preventive maintenance that is happening properly and regularly 2:14hold 2:15we perceive that the future is the Internet of Things so we want to work 2:19with wants to be connected 2:21to the club we want them to speak about their products we want them to tell us 2:25in advance that they would be having a failure 2:27sometime in two or three weeks time we want to address 2:30these failures in advance so we reviews on the down time 2:34we need to reach as the right on time North of