DART leverages business intelligence to manage enterprise data


Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), a transportation agency serving Dallas and 12 suburbs, uses IBM Analytics to more efficiently manage its budget and enterprise resources.

Sarah Fontenot-Hill, Senior Manager Projects and Financial Planning, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, explains "Budgeting in government is important because you have so many clients. You have operations, you have administration, you have everybody that’s supposed to be working together. So it’s good to have a product that you can merge everything together and everybody knows what the others are doing."

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0:09 we currently IBM analytics for our budgeting tool we use scott knows 0:17 business intelligence tools for our budgeting as well as some of our KPI 0:24 reporting before we went over to IDM he had all these data bases and everybody 0:30 has their own little list of items and stuff like that 0:33 system combining it was very monotonous a lot of times it's a lot easier because 0:41 all the data in one place you don't have all these silos agency in government is 0:48 important because you have so many clients operations administration you 0:53 have everybody that's what we're working together so it's good to have a product 0:57 that you can merge everything together and everybody knows 1:01 customer service 700 square miles of service is important for our management 1:07 where to spend necklacing where to put serves some I see on a daily basis he 1:14 keeps them that opportunity to add service will take away service in the 1:19 future while they're monitoring the trends and things like that