Data-driven government improves incident and emergency management


The realities of incident and emergency management today are not the same as they used to be. Public Safety organizations have a lot of challenges in front of them, but there are powerful solutions available. Analytic and collaboration tools can support better decisions and enhance and expand capabilities to enable officials to limit or even prevent harm to people and property.

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0:04 held today incidence emergencies the impact public safety 0:08 range in Scopus traffic accidents water main breaks 0:12 crime terrorism natural disasters 0:17 any you know all these events can create strain on public safety personnel 0:22 or 0:24 world 0:26 City systems and processes struggle to rapidly transition from normal 0:30 operations too extreme for emergency operations 0:33 and because internet an emergency management is the single capability 0:37 on by any one organization multiple organizations need to come together and 0:41 work together seamlessly 0:43 what are the biggest challenges is contending with hors d'oeuvres 0:46 purpose IT systems that donor operate November 2013 0:52 typing high and devastate the Philippines 0:55 the government needed a system that can facilitate a better more effective 0:58 disaster response 1:00 the Philippines bill such a system based on a platform 1:03 take a wide variety of data types planalytics 1:06 including what if scenarios and then distribute that extracted inside 1:10 event that a lytic 1:14 collaboration tools enable officials planners frontline responders 1:17 have more accurate situation awareness communicated 1:22 faster and more directly and elaborate around common operating picture 1:26 they can integrate more 22 or not standardized singers 1:31 the same cool and for day to day intervals 1:34 power out but that can be scaled up quickly 1:37 actually respond to a crisis situation first responders 1:42 see reached at using the technology everyday people familiar with the tools 1:46 so when a crisis occurs there's no getting special system 1:49 by instead personal focus rapid response say 1:58 or 1:59 me