Data Privacy: You Can't Forget What You Can't Remember


The concern about consumer data privacy has never been higher. For example, 86% of Americans are concerned with data collection from Internet browsing and how it is used, and 70% of Europeans are concerned about the reuse of their personal data. With data breaches and issues such as the NSA’s collection of private data making headlines each week, it’s no wonder that consumer concern is at an all-time high. And that will present a very large problem for companies, because law makers are starting to take action. The European Union, for instance, has a new provision in the Data Protection Directive called “the right to be forgotten,” which means that upon request of a consumer, an organization must delete all of their personal data. 

Sounds simple. It’s actually a wildly complex problem, because of one simple premise—you cannot forget what you cannot remember. Organizations aren’t particularly good at remembering their customers. 

Watch this video to learn about the challenges in remembering—and forgetting on request—and some ways to address those challenges.