DTE Energy unlocks synergy and gains flexibility with integrated business processes


Edward Nickolite, IT Manager at DTE Energy, discusses how IBM Maximo Asset Management is helping DTE Energy to transform from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance. DTE Energy also uses IBM Maximo Asset Management for Transportation to manage their vehicle fleet by integrating telematics data and focusing on things like fuel consumption. Increasing reliability and lowering costs helps consumers. 

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0:00 well 0:04 DG energy 0:08 is a large industrial utility mission we help 0:12 both electric generation in Michigan and gas distribution image 0:15 we also have facilities in 22 states that range from 0:19 waste gas recovery from toms all during 0:23 coal and coke first are aging infrastructure 0:27 causes us to take a broader look at asset miss me 0:30 DTE Energy's aging infrastructure prisoners 0:34 killed we didn't have a single solution our company 0:38 to meet all those challengers feature for about vicious 0:41 of operations at a different cord and promote 0:44 and a fresh perspective we couldn't 0:48 tell are are different this issues were we export all the different 0:52 vendors that were available at the time we chose 0:55 the national product because it served overlies businesses 0:59 including on nuclear generation facility are 1:02 gas and electric distribution utilities are fully 1:05 facilities organizations interweaving were able to use across for 1:10 leaders operations throughout fascist BG's pasaste 1:15 wofford discharged they were said about this issue that's what made us 1:19 and now with capitalization cost 1:24 so therefore explore abled capture both maintenance activities 1:28 picking a book at least Haas all those activities an associate them correctly 1:32 in our financials 1:33 up and therefore be able to look 1:37 unit ice capitalized recover the cost those 1:40 Campbell workers interest historically or possibly 1:44 read about 90 percent reactivate spent 1:48 over the years for around or running nearly eighty percent 1:52 proactive make this 21st 1:56 least I got a job there was a wild no materials for stage 2:00 they didn't know what was going on take place up I wanna go to the job as per 2:03 planned with girls at that stage 2:05 other able to perform their work the first time out a 2:08 makes a retard a racially which started 2:12 predictive maintenance we bring it fuel consumption bring 2:16 the telematics truck thus all aged 2:19 and getting more like total trucks: make them run better 2:23 unless gas which though is good for the environment saves 2:26 Corp customers money up 2:31 have GPS I did national so we nor our trucks are 2:35 we can tell of the runny tell 2:40 further area where the media sources comment 2:43 situation where they could systems were able to dispatch all drugged 2:47 efficiency losses increase the amount of work we do it you're gone 2:52 it's more effective 2:55 this leaves the company and all repairs 2:58 money transformation from preventive maintenance 3:01 to predictive maintenance your thrilling game changed 3:06 will allow us to produce cars be more reliable that the source 3:10 power generation at the discretion 3:14 this all translates into lower costs high reliability up 3:18 better service for customers of