Harnessing vehicle safety data with analytics


Analytics provide clear insight that makes identifying problems easier and enables predictive maintenance that can help spot potential problems before they happen. Learn more about how vehicles are becoming increasingly intelligent with analytics.


0:04 did he send you have led to a lot of focus on safety as an area of business 0:17 within organizations automotive industry has been going in the increasing 0:25 complexity with their products the cars are far more complex so we had nearly 60 0:31 million recalls in the industry last year which is the highest ever and we're 0:35 seeing that the companies have recognized that and they are trying to 0:40 evolve the way they deal with safety and analytics redaction of the issue that 0:49 all touch points in order for a company or the makeup to get a comprehensive and 0:56 single view of the issue you have to bring together the data from multiple 0:59 channels multiple touch points in one place and then apply analytics that they 1:05 were able to recognize the enormity of the issue and the depth of tissue 1:11 amendments and quality which is a very compelling told that be offered to 1:17 automakers can be used by them to predict potential issues and proactively 1:21 fixed when companies are using the traditional way of doing things not 1:28 bringing them together in one place on building the comment thread you end up 1:32 having several months of effort to find one issue what an explorer the tool that 1:39 can use natural language processing to mind 1:42 unstructured data and find patterns proactively I think we are at one of 1:50 those revolutionary points and technology we're nearly changing the way 1:54 people are gonna do computing I see my role and IBM as helping to articulate 1:59 how watching the technology can help customers solve their business problems 2:05 when you make the transition from being an analytics and fact of an organization 2:10 then you are no longer linked solely on your expertise orange juice you are 2:15 letting the data speaks for itself 2:16 one of the key benefits of being able to understand natural language way people 2:21 really talks being able to understand the context of what they're saying 2:25 it is a must-do journey to Assad run driven and agile to become a world-class 2:31 organization requires a transmission roadmap and we have taken our class 2:36 through this journey with industry to my knowledge and consulting skills and our 2:41 products yes we were solving business problems that's great because then we 2:46 can issue recalls faster get problems fixed faster but what was really great 2:51 to me was thinking about you know this problem that we found we are never know 2:55 it but if it saves even one life how cool is that