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Researchers at the University of Montana were interested in preventing epilepsy in patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries. As they began to gather data, they realized how crucial it was to be able to analyze this massive amount of data in a short period of time.

They turned to IBM InfoSphere for their solution. Now, the researchers are able to track patients in a whole new way--creating a new era in healthcare management.

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0:00are on 0:05lingering injury is 0:08the primary cause a symptomatic epilepsy 0:12doubt 30 to 50 percent traumatic brain injury patients will go on to develop 0:18paparazzi they suffer mourned costs for their care 0:223 so we reached at: and trying to figure out 0:27on those patients that have a traumatic brain injury which ones will go on to 0:31develop that love scene which ones were not 0:33being able to develop these therapies and identify those patients are at 0:37greatest risk 0:38will have a profound impact gonna call you in their lives and if you would like 0:42our research goals are to be able to 0:46take immediate race from animal learn from the patient 0:51and two identify the slight shifts or changes in the way front 0:57to then use those slight shifts and changes as electric graphic biomarkers 1:01to be able to identify those patients 1:05her a high-risk to develop post-traumatic epilepsy 1:08penal to analyze this massive amount of data 1:12in a short period time is critical we turn to 1:16insight IBM partner to help us develop the software necessary to be able to 1:22not only look at D-day arrest but also to 1:25analyze the data is immediately streams of the animal the Boca for work 1:30is to focus on streaming analytics building applications and solutions on 1:34top with IBM's 1:35includes your streams platform the workload historically was 1:39collect the water data from patients in animals in experiments toward on a hard 1:43drive to go back and look at it later 1:4450,000 hours is a lot of information go back and look at with and I 1:48so we had to go from looking at videos beeg game as a way of trying to find 1:54on the needle is back needles I wanted to build something productive colson 1:58that would allow enough 1:59on make that process change will allow us to be able to 2:02quickly identifying those patients that have the highest probability i'm going 2:07on to develop in costume makeup alexi 2:09platforms like InfoSphere streams is going to have a global impact 2:13ok is this is such a valuable tool 2:16witness is going to just naturally spread as a consequence 2:21up the value as a tool itself 2:24news information and we didn't even know was there for 2:27now we're able to to pull out these nuggets information 2:30and be able to track patients in ways we never have been on the track and 2:35for this is leaning into a whole new era I'm from health care management 2:39in being able to take advantage pollen is valuable information we gather 2:43IBM is one of the world's largest and best IT companies the world a reason 2:48I approach in is that they do you have a passion for innovation 2:53they have a passion for working on the hardest problems in the world 2:56and solving IBM isn't afraid I'm working on the hardest problems whether they be 3:01in security 3:02commerce Madison exploration 3:05IBM is there the been there for 100 years and they're gonna be there for a 3:08long time 3:10theme the