How augmented intelligence is impacting data science and nuclear research


We are not all nuclear physicists, but some of us are. Take Dr. David Farley, a principal member of Sandia's Technical Staff, Department of Energy.  Farley, who works with some of the brightest minds when it comes to nuclear energy and security, often acts a technology evangelist across Sandia and other government organizations. Listen to this interview to learn how Farley is introducing the value of cognitive capabilities to Sandia Labs—including data scientists who initially viewed AI with some skepticism. With his ability to describe "the art of the possible" by bringing greater data intelligence amplification through cognitive capabilities, the Sandia community is now listening. This video details how Farley and the Sandia team identified problems Watson can help the team solve through augmented intelligence. Far from artificial, augmented intelligence is fueled by and worked-on by humans—and that is something the data scientist and others could get behind.

Learn how to introduce the value of cognitive capabilities


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