How Globo TV scored big during the FIFA World Cup


When you are covering one of the largest sporting events in the world, how do you give fans the best experience possible? Globo TV scored big during the FIFA World Cup in 2014 by listening to their fans with a social sentiment analysis solution from IBM.

By analyzing Twitter data with social media analytics, Globo TV was able to adjust its broadcasts and strategy in real time. Another aspect of the game-changing solution was an app that increased audience engagement by 70 percent. Find out how you can bring fan engagement to your sporting event, concert or venue with IBM by viewing other use cases in media and entertainment.


0:10 the official TV station in Brazil for the World Cup and we had a great 0:18 challenge because brazil is the land of soccer and hosting an event like that we 0:22 had to do something very special and make everybody feel part of it and with 0:27 the help of IBM all the tweets written Portuguese that had any reference to 0:31 players coaches referees for teams could be analyzed and we could figure out if 0:37 they are positive neutral or negative when you will let people be free to 0:42 write what they want on the social media and you get to process that and get 0:46 insights from that it's quite knew because you come up with with approaches 0:51 that you never thought about so this is very impressive for us in a very good we 0:55 thought about the creation all posts at products and we came up with a second 1:01 screen app and that created a very positive engagement our results were 1:08 very impressive we had an average time spent in Kiev or 24 minutes but for the 1:15 people that engaged with this platform which which we call the social sentiment 1:20 for us was called social thermometer because was we we could see the heat of 1:26 the comments people that engage in these two states 17 minutes more so we end up 1:33 having people who about 45 minutes 1:36 engaged in our platform and and I think this is a very impressive number 1:41 IBM helped us to win the World Cup to create a game-changing coverage for our 1:46 audience the level of engagement that we had was something unique and very 1:51 special that we never had before