How GrowSafe Systems is innovating the livestock industry with the Internet of Things


GrowSafe Systems employs disruptive innovation using Internet of Things data to solve the problems that help feed the world. For the livestock industry, ongoing data collection can be bolstered by what IBM is doing in the areas of secure cloud environments and predictive analytics. The Internet of Things is taking industries to the next level. Discover how analytics create better systems to grow, distribute and purchase what we eat.


0:00 well 0:04 I'm Allison sundström 0:08 I'm the CEO grow safe Systems Limited where company that's trying to change 0:13 the livestock industry 0:15 one animal data type I think that we've taken a different approach on the 0:19 Internet of Things 0:21 over the next 30 years the world's ranchers and farmers 0:25 going to be called upon to double production on essentially the same land 0:30 that we've been producing on 0:31 since the 1950s today producers 0:35 is really challenged by number stinks let's deal with one segment 0:40 beef industry which is the feelin industry and in that industry 0:45 to find sick cattle is a very difficult challenge 0:49 and so what date is going to do this it's going to provide 0:53 overview digital profile how an animal is becoming sick 0:57 counties treated and for farmer who's currently running 1:01 very hard to handle is animals or for feedlot is having a big challenge in 1:07 that 1:07 date is going to provide Inc inside and perhaps not just insight today 1:13 inside foresight into what he's trying to do in 1:17 we've developed a new model for our solution and that is we're delivering 1:22 turnkey analytics will provide the hardware the software the linkages antes 1:27 cloud computing 1:28 and will do so for our customers based on it cost 1:31 that looks at their return on invested so to collect the kind of data that we 1:36 need we have to keep 1:37 collected continuously and we use aq continuous data collection for some 1:42 simple things 1:43 being able to know what happens on the field water truck 1:47 and I think that from our perspective that's why we're coming to 1:50 someone like IBM to offered 1:53 that bigger wider viewpoint well workers doing today 1:58 for small companies being able to park and to big environment strong secure 2:03 cloud environment 2:04 with the focus on predictive analytics and focus on tracing and tracking assets 2:09 I was huge for us so one thing that I would say that I DM 2:13 and is that it's amazing that you're out there looking for small companies 2:18 small innovators in people who are imagining when the next level 2:22 the internet it's things like of