IBM and Spark: The start of something big in data and design


Today is the start of something big in data and design.

It’s not just about data access anymore, it’s about building algorithms that put analytics into action. It’s also about data scientists. And it’s about innovation, to drive intelligence into every business application including: IoT, web, mobile, social, business process and more.

Combining data, design and speed, IBM and Spark are creating a new blueprint of innovation together. This is the start of something big. IBM and Spark - Power of data. Simplicity of design. Speed of innovation.

Take your Spark journey to the next step. IBM invites you to a free 3-month trial of IBM Analytics for Apache Spark and IBM Cloudant. Use Spark in the cloud to conduct fast in-memory analytics on your Cloudant JSON data. Sign up today and also receive free SaaS Startup Advisory Services to help you accelerate your time to results.


0:02 the why do we use tools 0:06 to create in uncovering new things with greater precision 0:09 as a data scientist it's your job to create insights 0:12 design solutions and uncover hidden patterns in data finding these patterns 0:16 in huge amounts shifting Gators 0:18 difficult and require special tools and what humans do with tools 0:22 we improve them are IBM has committed to Apache sparkle an open-source 0:27 in memory computer age 0:29 highly personal you can quickly build models get a rate faster 0:33 been applied even intelligence everywhere: with the new spark 0:36 Technology Center in San Francisco 0:38 we're leading the way for analytics driven business reunification IBM 0:42 analytics platform on and around spartan 0:44 giving collaborators the ability to extend this technology 0:48 accelerates Park and educate one million daily scientists across the globe the 0:53 future commitments to open source 0:55 and providing machine learning technologies IBM and spartan but the 0:59 most 0:59 innovative technology in your hands imagine what you can uncover 1:04 design can create from data with the most advanced set of tools 1:08 this at IBM dot com slash spark Minster creating today 1:12 why 1:14 and