IBM Big Data in a Minute: Detecting real problems in real time


There is no time to waste when working underground. Joy Global is constantly monitoring undergound conditions in order to adjust their course of action. A few minutes can make all the difference. With IBM they are gathering, storing and analyzing data faster with real-time insights in context.

Get insight in context with IBM Big Data & Analytics


0:07through stability and effective support is quite a big challenge for us 0:10if the roof has problems production halts we cannot afford to wait around 0:16for real-time information in the underground mines 0:19our teams almighty need to continuously monitor 0:23on the ground conditions in order to dynamically change our course of action 0:28in underground mining a few minutes could be the difference between maximum 0:33efficiency 0:33what an extended work stoppage mineral resources are in locations that are much 0:38more difficult to mind these days 0:40take the Outback of Australia this result in increasing cost of production 0:46while commodity prices are declining 0:48win now focusing on on the ground mines 0:51which are highly vulnerable to geological service disruptions 0:55we need to predict be banned an act more effectively 0:59but then we need to do more and we need to do it foster 1:02we can afford to gather data store 1:05analyzer reported and then only provide action 1:09we need real time inside in context