IBM Big Data in a Minute: Drive smarter business decisions with data and analytics


John Wiley & Sons partnered with IBM to shift strategy and increase delivery of digital publications.With IBM PureData for Analytics, John Wiley & Sons analyzes its data in new ways, for example: basing business decisions, like which titles to publish, on solid, data-backed insights.

Unlock more business value with IBM Big Data


0:06the print world 0:07is definitely declining on so we should ship a lot or strategies into more 0:11electronic 0:12delivery capabilities now we're actually looking at the broader ecosystem a date 0:16we've harvested lead data but there's definitely an interesting actually 0:19trying to combine that 0:20to build broader patterns the IBM pure data for analytics 0:23has been game-changing for us you can literally run certain things that you 0:27never will you can't have been able to analyze if you will in the past 0:30it could serve unlocked a new set a potentials 0:33disputed actual delivery of their information and so on to the users has 0:37definitely ended up 0:38kind of calming some the pressures that we've had in the past we've actually 0:41looked at 0:42we actually build better decision-making ranch titles we publish