IBM Big Data in a Minute: Finding the value in stored data


Today's challenge is getting businesses to see data as something more than what's stored and retrieved when needed. By harnessing data, IBM is helping businesses discover new value and make better strategic decisions. With this new approach businesses are open to a world of new possibilities.

Look at what's possible with IBM big data


0:06 you think about 0:06 enterprise content management it really is this 0:10 idea I've content being defined as 0:13 document is being defined emailed is being defined 0:17 as audiophiles video files 0:20 the challenges that customers face with the pool liberation 0:25 this unstructured data is to get beyond just storing and retrieving it when they 0:30 need it to enterprise content management is all about 0:33 harnessing unstructured data to create differentiated value for our customers 0:39 top organizations really need to understand what 0:42 possible at the end of the day that's what we're trying to do for our 0:46 customers in 0:47 evil them to make better decisions within a context to their business 0:51 process