IBM Big Data for Social Good Challenge


The IBM Big Data for Social Good Challenge is wrapping up and with the winner being announced on April 15, tensions are high. With submissions ranging from flu tracking, healthy eating options, and money management anyone could win! Follow along on twitter and join the conversation using #Hadoop4Good

Join us live for the winner announcement and learn more about the IBM Big Data for Social Good Challenge.


0:00do 0:03do 0:04don't do a lot to get this application completed for that due process should be 0:08challenged 0:09250 hunger injury 0:12people the coating jam it was just your difficult redevelop maximum 0:18but hacker he went down I had to move on dugout in my second best friend him 0:23a are you nervous about the other as being 0:27submitted by different tests no I mean I i 0:31look at what I think it is trying to stay is 0:34ship there are some really incredible sufficient 0:39and developers really tried to use the new to change the world 0:43a the Raps to help with food tracking and engaging community leaders better 0:47healthy eating options money management and some other 0:51really useful but with that being said have been pretty much got in the bed 0:56I mean we even tho specimen taken testimony 0:59so or not too much worried about the competition 1:03well pretty much set for the future can you say corner up 1:10no dude the I can seek office now 1:14and at SSA we were cotinine we really got more businesses are now relying on 1:19Hadoop 1:19to help with be processed think lowering the cost of storage 1:23and uncovering new insight i think is pretty safe to say that 1:26Hadoop is going to go to solution for large-scale computing 1:29yeah feels like it's in his kiss minute are happy we not only totally knew that 1:33we had a line 1:34but that we were part of something great 1:37play outdoor seating 1:42yeah do we spend about money 1:46thinking we've won the contest yes 1:50did we may be maxed out of your credit card sure 1:54the king and sometimes you just have to play the cards you're dealt even if it's 1:58a bad 1:59yeah meet all about confidence begin next 2:02yeah and at the end of the day I'm just 2:06really glad that we learned about the possibilities are do I'm really excited 2:09to see who wins on April 15 2:11and see if maybe they need to come back to that one